Do you struggle, even after years of being a believer of God, to feel forgiven by God.

The most most vital reality, of course, isn’t to feel forgiven, but to be forgiven

Most of us if we are honest have trouble feeling forgiven. We can be sincere hearted believers. We can follow Christ. Many of us have enjoyed profound experiences of God. But we can continue we still find ourselves faltering in our life- dismayed at the frequency of our boredom with God, resentment toward others, critical spirit at church or seasons of despair emptiness. Or perhaps we simply find an undefinable cloud of non-specific guilt hanging over us.

As we try to preface to ourselves, the gospel doctrines we rightly cherished do not melt and warm our hearts. And so we go through life finding our sense of forgiveness fluctuating.

We I started to believe in God, I still was a mess, feeling like there was no way He would ever forgive me for every horrible sin I committed. I would around thinking I had to ask forgiveness for everything I did wrong even asking forgiveness for parking in a parking spot crooked. Some might think that’s insane. Keep in mind I was told every day I was worthless and a piece of crap, I felt God thought that to. So I was attempting to be sorry for everything hoping to change God’s mind and cause him to Love me. The trouble is I didn’t realize he already did. He’d already forgiven. But I couldn’t forgive myself.

One day while shopping I was putting the shopping cart up. Thinking Father Forgive me if I did anything not to please Him. When I got to the car and I instantly felt at peace, my body was warm all over but it was a different kind of warm like I never felt before or since. I got in my car and I heard God say You are forgiven. Since that day I have changed dramatically for the better. God is amazing, you are forgiven even if you don’t feel forgiven. Speak to God ask him to forgive leave the past behind and move forward with your life. While you will not forget your past. Use your past to help others from the lessons you have learned others can learn.