Growing Truth

Modern Society tells us that there is no absolute truth. People say truth is relevant to or dependent upon circumstances. In other words, the believe truth can change at any time but that kind of philosophy is foolish. Truth can only be one thing, and it cannot keep changing.

Jesus says that He is truth today and forever. He does not change. We can always depend on Him, and what He says to come to pass.

How can anything be true if there is one truth for me and another truth for someone else? This type if thinking shows us why the world today is a confusing place and In turmoil. Truth is simple. It is what it is and needs no deep introspection to be understood.

Jesus says that if we continue in His word, we will know the truth and that truth applied to our lives will set us free (John8:32-32, free from any and all of the things that keep us from enjoying the life Jesus died to give us.

Walking in truth will set us free from fear, worry, anxiety, regretting the past, dread, sin, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, and many other things.

I don’t know about anyone else but I need this constant in my life. Other wise I would in world of craziness. Even my family changes from day to day. I’m at peace knowing I can always turn to God, knowing that He will never change.

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