Soul Searching

Soul searching is the idea of taking a step back examining you life and yourself with the aim of replenished the soul. Most people will soul search when they’re going through a trial, or experiencing negative emotions that are difficult to deal with . But really soul searching should be done regularly.

We all want more connection in our life. Be often look outwards instead of inwards.

Most people only soul search during difficult moments in life. Just like prayer we only pray when we are dealing with a serious problem. But if we would soul search and pray during the good times in our lives we would be able to get through trials and negative emotions easier.

With a little focus and determination to get to know yourself better, you will get to know your heart better and live a life of being fulfilled and meaningful.

When we examine our immediate situation. We need to have more heart in our lives. Be more connected with yourself. You need to view your life though I different lens than you are currently using.

Examining your immediate situation helps you discover what’s going well and where there may be room of improvement.

The point to having a better connection with yourself is not to strive to make you life better but, to accept and appreciate the you have right now.

Practice being thankful for the things you have and you will be able to see how much you’ve already done and accomplished and find peace in what you have been able to create in your life this far.

I was horrible at feeling shame and where my life was. I thought I was a failure. Because I wanted to be a detective and help at crime scenes, I wanted to be successful in my life. I wanted a better husband that was loving and kind. I thought my life and everything I tried to do failed. But I wasn’t looking at my accomplishments.

I came from a horrible childhood that was deemed for failure. It took me leave my husband for awhile to realize how strong and blessed I really was. I had to do soul searching.

I have a loving husband, but he wasn’t a romantic, but I have a husband that loved me and would do anything for me. I had 2 beautiful successful children. I roof over my head, food on my table, a car to drive. I had everything I needed. So I am not a failure. I am blessed daily.

Often, soul searching for a deeper meaning is found outside ourselves, but it lacls luster and doesn’t last long.

Begin by giving yourself thirty-minutes to think back to the last couple of years of your life and remember 10-20 things you are thankful for.

When you look at yourself deeply you will find plenty of things to appreciate. Like good health or having access to a doctor. Money in the bank, friends, having access to the internet, a family member that listens and many other things.

Remember to do this weekly.

In the month of November I’m going to do A practice on thankfulness. Something to look forward to.

Love everyone, I Bless all who reads my posts. Thank you.

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