Do We Possess Our Possessions Or Do They Possess Us?

Humans have a particularly strong and at times irrational obsession with possessions. Every year, car owners are killed or seriously, in their attempts to stop the theft of their vehicles- a choice that few would make in the light of day. It’s as if there is a demon in our minds that compels in the pursuit material wealth. Sometimes I think we are possessed.

Of course, materialism and the acquisition of wealth is a powerful incentive. Peter in the Bible says I have beer rich and I have been poor- believe me rich is better. But there comes a point when we have achieved a comfortable standard of living and yet we continue to strive for more and more stuff.

I personally I have a difficult time going to some businesses that sell clothing. Because I think I have to have a new shirt. I have to remind myself I have plenty of shirts. It used to be my go to when I felt worthless and someone hurt my feelings. Now that I know better ways to cope I’m better but sometimes I sneak in and I buy the things that I have plenty of.

It is unremarkable that we like to show off our wealth in the form of possessions. In 1899, an economist Thorstein Veblen observed that silver spoons we’re markers of elite social position. He coined the term ’conspicuous consumption’ to describe the willin of people to buy most expensive goods over cheaper, yes functionally equivalent, good in order to sign of status.

Today we have the opportunity to own many possessions. We have loans, credit cards, and more that gives us opportunities to look rich when we are not. The fact is the more we buy and the more we want. And the more we want to deeper in debt we get. Sadly, most of us will go to our grave paying all the debts we have acquired.

Most of that have also acquired a lot of stress also. And feel like they have to work all the time to pay their debts. Which in turn causes the family to fall apart.

It’s a vicious circle that we are in. Causing pain and loneliness in the family. Because a parent is always out working.

Today we have both parents at working and children being ignored by their parents. Then when a parent is at home the child is allowed to play video games and have cells phones and hurts the relationship of the family.

It used to be that families would eat together, and do activities together to build closeness and respect for each other. It’s turning our children into disrespectful adults, that think the world owes them everything.

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