Do You Feel Safe?

Feeling safe is a prerequisite to happiness, health d wholeness, and to normal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development. The emotions associated with feeling safe begin in our mother’s womb and follow us throughout our lives.

The element of safety allows us to take risks, conscious choices, where we evaluate the risk and the reward, lead to stable, mature mental and emotional development and opportunities for creativity.

I used to have horrible nightmares as a child. I would dream I was inside a huge worm and it warm pushing me the end to poop me out. It was a terrifying nightmare. I would always wake up when I was getting pushed out screaming and crying and I would vomit. On top ofMy mother would come in screaming the dip my pajamas off of me and take the blankets. I would have to lay there cold crying. I never understood what the dream was about. But with my nightmares and then mother. I felt overly frightened. The dreams went on for months and then finally stopped. But I grew up feeling like I was not safe, or loved. I took a great toll on my emotional system. I always felt like I needed to beware so I wasn’t attacked.

Today we see a repetition of violent events the media is one silent silent factor of provocation. Watching a frightening event causes our stress hormones to rise. Repeatedly watching or listening to stressful events or forecasts send a signal to a person’s cells, indicating that they are under attack.

Human beings are complex, adaptive interconnected, self-organizing networks. We adapt when presented with stressors, whether it’s outside environments or inside ourselves, such as inflammation or pathogens-the organism will transform, or self-organize, through a larger stress response network of nervousness, endocrine, immune, and metabolic pathways.

In the face of continued, prolonged threats, whether perceived or real, the human adaption system. Can become overloaded and unable to mount a proper defense. In this case we become vulnerable to emergence of chronic disease.

Physical chronic diseases result from ruminating on threatening past events or anticipating future attacks. Rumination causes inflammation, which causes diseases such as heart attack, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and a range of autoimmune diseases. Chronic disease may also present on the menak plane of anxiety, sleep disorders, irritability, PTSD, deterioration of social, relationships in work and at home, and focus and concentration problems.

When I learned this I absolutely knew that is what was happening in my life. When you know the answers to what is happening in your life then you can work on the solutions effectively. As I read over this I can there are many things named in this that has happened to me.

Those who are vulnerable to maladaptive responses to threats and security and typically previously exposed in childhood trauma or threatening experience in any phase of life. A child sense of safety is at risk when they are constantly exposed to physical and emotional violence.

Verbal abuse is all so a threat to safety. The recent political envy, where candidate verbally ausr and threaten one another, may provoke ones that have PTSD, and it sows the seeds of disease in others.

In the face of such behavior, we must create skillet, strategies to counter the ill effects of these stressors to encourage healthy adaptation.

Set aside times to be still, detach from the news or media. Encourage family or partner time that focuses on activities in nature such as walking swimming, biking, hiking and picnics.

Develop practices that you enjoy doing like reading, listening to relaxing music acts of kindness and consideration for others. I try to bless someone every day. A few flowers, a little gift. (It doesn’t have to be expensive.). A poem, or card that tells them you care.

Reflect on something bigger than yourself.

Create pockets of positively, moments, and experiences that generate positive feelings, especially feeling of safety.

Stay focused on the present moment. Be present only to what is happening in the reality of each moment. Allow nothing else into your experience- no yesterday, no tomorrow, no judgment. This is called mindful meditation.

Develop behaviors for healthy adaptation this will yield upward spirals of resilience. Safety will become an instinct experience that will carry regardless of the challenges you face.

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