Be Thankful For Everything- Even The Bad Things.

Today is November 1st, I told you I was going to start a November Blessing to uplift you.

November 1st- I am thankful for my friends. Every Sunday we have a potluck at one of our homes and talk about our week and our great Lord.

Get yourself a jar, a bowl, Or even a ziplock bag. Every night before you go to sleep. Thinks about one thing you are thankful for. It can be a friend stopping by that brought you joy and made you smile.

Our American Thanksgiving is celebrated in November. This is when most Americans celebrate what we are thankful for throughout the year.

We all know we need to show our gratitude for what we are blessed with. But what does it mean to truly show gratitude?

When we think about being thankful. You are probably like me your thoughts immediately jump to all that’s exciting in your life. From belongings, experience, to relationships, the vast majority of us tend to focus solely on the good when we hear the word gratitude.

But would about the bad! What about learning to be thankful for everything in life- even the things that are less that ideal?

Being grateful isn’t just about reflecting on the good in life is an important piece of being grateful, it is just as important to be grateful for the bad. The negative in our life as well. The negatives I life have helped us shape us into who we are today must as much as the good in life has.

I have had a lot of negative things happen in my life. I am thankful for it because it made me the strong woman I am today. I have met plenty of people who have a great life with no pain or heartbreak in their lives. And I can tell you I am stronger than they will ever be.

The person who falls and gets back up is much stronger than a person who never fell.

Either way, it is good and bad experiences that we have faced over the course of our lives has helped us into who we are individuals while also helping to get us where we are today,

Can you be grateful that your families have moved to a different part of the country and now you are only be able to see them on holidays? Can you be grateful for a delay in traffic or a flight that cause you to be late for something? Can you be grateful that you got laid off from work and you have no idea what your going to do now?

The answer to all of these questions is yes.

While it’s hard to find the good in any difficult situations, it is possible. The delay in driving may have save you from a horrible accident in the highway. You can be grateful the your family is successful where they are living and that you are able to visit and catch up on things on the holidays. You can be thankful that you got laid off, no you have a chance to do something better. I know a man that was a big wig at one of the manufacturing companies. He was laid off because of cuts in the companies budget. His dream was always to be a police officer. Getting laid off gave him that chance to achieve his dream. Negative situations can be blessings. You just don’t see it when it happens.

Life isn’t just about being grateful for the good, it is about being grateful for the bad because even the bad in life is still a gift. Every bad situation teaches us something. When faced with a bad situation the first thing I do is ask myself what does God want to learn in this situation? Go through the situation thinking of it as a learning situation, not a horrible thing that is happening right now.

All of the bad that you may have experienced helps us put into perspective how good the good things truly are.

If you haven’t have pain and heartbreak, how would know what the good in life feels like! The good would just become a new normal, and we would become expecting of only good things in life instead of cherishing it.

We are who we are today because of each experience that we have endured up to this point in your life good and bad. It could be fighting a mental illness that had taught you how to finally love yourself. It could be a loss of a job, but that experience finally gave you a reason to pursue you’re dreams or taught you to work harder.

All of these have negative aspects and they may has presented challenging times, but they still define the course of your life, and you wouldn’t be you sitting there right now without them. That’s something to be thankful for.

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