How Hope Can Help You Heal.

November 2nd- I am thankful for my little dog. Because when I come home tired and stressed out, he is always there to sit on my lap and release my stress and lift my spirits.

Hope may buffer us from stress, anxiety, and the effects of negative life events.

Studies have shown that hope promotes healthy daily behavior.

Few things a more beautiful than hope. It isn’t tangible, easily measurable or available in pill form.

That’s likely why the idea that hope may wield a significant influence on healing and even survival may be tough to take from our small-minded brains, hardwired by evolution to seem certainly at any cost.

When I talk to some people their eyes glaze over more often than not. None the less if you believe that hope is stuff of change, recovery and healing.

There is absolutely something to having an animal to treat depression and stress.

Believe and expectation is the key elements of hope this can block pain by releasing the brains endorphins and enkephalin, mimicking the effects of morphine. In some cases, hope can also have important effects on fundamental physiological processes like respiration circulation and motor function.

Studies has shown that during the course of illness, belief, and expectation- two mental states associated with hope have an impact on the nervous system which in turn sets off a chain reaction that makes improvement and recovery more likely. This process is fundamental to the widely accepted placebo effect. Which is created by a hopeful out look.

For example: say Pete was in a horrible accident and lost his legs. When he woke up at the hospital he didn’t know what happened when the to Doctors told him they had to amputate his legs because they are crushed in the wreck. He had only two options at that point he could have no hope at refuse to be rehabilitated. And stop caring about anything and die of depression and grief from what had happened Or he could have hope and try everything in his power to strengthen his upper body so he could move himself in to a position for further surgeries for prosthetic legs and walk again. And be at peace with what happened and move on with his life. One option leads to death and the other leads to life. Which would you pick? I would choose life. It’s a harder road no doubt but I would not want the pain that goes along with giving up.

It is less of a stretch to contemplate the link between hope and emotional well being. Have you ever met a happy hopeless person?

Hope does not just involve a mind to body connection, where neural input about singles physical condition served as a moderator of positive and negative emotions.

Training The Brain To Stress Less

Hope may buffer us from stress, anxiety, and the effects of negative life events. A study of workers showed over time suggest that hopeful employee experience more we’ll-being. Hope promotes healthy behavior including fruits and vegetable consumption, regular exercise, safe sex practices, and quitting smoking.

Therefore, hope for the future is clearly linked with daily habits the support health and prevent disease.

Hopeful people conjure a vision that sustains them, which causes them to show up for the hard work and accepts setbacks.

So if you make an investment in the future that pays off in the present in the way we eat, exercise, conserves energy, take care of yourself and stick to you plan.

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