Finding inner peace in the modern world is a challenge.

Everything about modern society feels like an obstacle to experience peace of mind,

But there are some ways to find and peace.

If you work a full-time job five to six days a week, you need to find a balance to keep your sanity especially if you have a family at home.

Always remember inner peace is a choice and many of your habits can determine how much peace you have in your daily life.

Balance and Peace is not only a thing you must achieve but it should become a lifestyle.

I will share with you some ideas to develop inner peace on a deeper level:

Focus your attention on the things you can control.

Why worry about those things you cannot control? Worrying won’t change the outcome. It only takes you peace away and makes you less capable to change the things you can change.

Ask yourself – Is this something I can control? Will worrying help in any way?

As human beings, we have to know which things are within our control. Anything beyond that can distract you and add stress to your life.

Spend some time in nature

The original people didn’t have a 3 bedroom house and have pizza delivered to them at 9:00 at night.

There is something very peaceful about spending time around the birds and the trees or mountains.

Be true to yourself b

Few things are more disconnecting that living the life you weren’t meant to live.

It continually gnaws away at you. It’s peace when you live a life that follows your values. It’s too easy these days to allow society to dictate your choices.

You don’t have to spend your life on a career that impressive to others. You don’t have to chase after a dream that goes against your value system because it will make you popular in the worlds eyes.

Make your own decisions about what’s important to you.

Mind what you eat

You might not realize how bad you feel because you’re used it eating.

I know when I eat too much chocolate i feel horrible the next day. I have no energy I’m sluggish and usually have a headache. Somethings you eat can give you negative feelings for up to three days after.

Try eating the way you know you should for a week, and note the change in how you feel. Some foods improve your memory so do a little research. When you eat good healthy foods you won’t feel like you’ve been run over by a truck. Say no to junk food and soda.

Exercise on a regular basis

Have you ever notices how good you feel as your walking out of a gym, or even walking every day. I know most gyms are closed, but try doing a workout from a DVD or off of u-tube. Exercise is not only good for your body but also your brain.

Do good deeds

This is a good way to take your focus off yourself and on something or someone else,

When you do good deeds, you become aware that others are struggling too.

When you are kind, you receive kindness in return. You will feel a sense of satisfaction when you help someone else.

Do unto others are you would have done unto them.

Here’s a big one, that’s a hard habit to break, at least it was for me.

Be assertive

Be open and forward with your needs and desires. You’re not only more likely to get what you want, but you’ll also feel more in control of your life.

Being passive equals having less control which runs counter to having peace. Be bold without being aggressive.

Don’t let others stand in your way, take full charge of your life. You are in control.


Meditation is calming. It helps you see life and it’s challenges more accurately.

Listen to calming music, read a book or just be still for a couple minutes. I read my Bible and think about what the verses are trying to teach me. Some get mediation cds or a phone app.

Things are often better than they seem. Meditation can prevent your mind from making a situation seem worse that it is.

If it seems what you are doing is stressing you out for hours after you do it. Stop and meditate for a few minutes and you will see the difference it will do.

Avoid trying to change others

You already have stress in your life. Then trying to change someone just adds more stress.

I tried to change my husband for about 10 or so years. He didn’t change and I was miserable. Don’t ever think I can be with someone because I can change them, realize they are who they are, and be okay with that.

It’s hard enough to change yourself. How will you ever manage to change someone else.