Life is beautiful, isn’t it? Do you realize that life is given to us the moment we were born? I remember times that I’ve lived life just as it comes to me, one day at a time. I dreamed of bigger things, my desire to create awesome things, and they were also real to me. This, of course, was a time when I was too broken and didn’t have any idea what I would have in the future. I knew what life was supposed to be and only dreamed about it.

But, then things started happening to me I didn’t expect. I was healing from the horrible things that hurt me. While there were bad things along with the good. My parents died, two of my brothers died, one I will never see again, and my sister and I never talked. I was standing in the middle of my life not knowing where to go or what to do.

I married my soulmate and we had two beautiful children our family was close, but things took a turn for the worse. My husband became distant and I felt like love was no longer there. I struggled through the time raising our children I knew I could not give up. I wanted to be the best parent I could be.

At that time I didn’t realize I had a heart for God and wanted to serve him with passion and purpose. All I knew I needed my life to be better than it was then. What about you?

Your destiny is calling for you, are you able to hear it? Many people have drawn back from what they think God is calling them to do, because at some point in their lives, they responded to it, and things didn’t work out as they hoped. I know I have jumped out to what I thought the Lord was drawing me to do and ran straight into a wall.

If that’s even happened to you, don’t let it worry you. You’re in good company. Some of the greatest faith heroes in the Bible didn’t respond to God’s call exactly like He wanted them to at first.

Do you remember Moses! He was called to be a prophet and to serve as a deliverer for Isreal. He sensed that call in his heart and wanted to get after it with everything in him and ended up murdering an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew slave. That, of course, was not what God wanted him to do. Moses had to be straightened out in the wilderness. God helped him and everything worked out like God had it and Moses fulfilled his destiny after all.

There are many other stories like this in the Bible. Have you ever heard this too will pass? We make many mistakes during our lifetime. But it all passes away if we pray and ask God for repentance, the Words of God tell us that we will be forgiven and washed white as snow to start a new.

I read somewhere that the Lord works with us almost like an artist who is painting a picture. He begins by sketching a few broad strokes on the canvas of our hearts. Initially, we might now even know what those strokes mean. But every time we get back to him, He has painted within us the most beautiful picture we have ever seen.

I would have never guessed back then, I would be working for him to Bring lost hurting souls with drug addictions back to him. I would have never believed I would be in the ministry of praying with veterans of warm to their heart, with the words of God. I would have never believed I would be writing in a blog and starting my first book. All of this is my destiny. God has been a miracle worker in my life. He can be yours too.