The Unlimited Insight Of Intuition

Intuition is that power of Spirit inherited by the soul by which truth is perceived directly without any other faculty.

Everyone has intuition, even you.

Intuition is soul guidance, appearing naturally in a person during those instants when their mind is calm. Nearly everyone has had the experience of an inexplicably correct hunch or has transferred his thought accurately to another person.

Everyone has the power of intuition, as they have the power of thought. As thought can be cultivated, intuition can be developed. In intuition we are in tune with reality. With the world of bliss, with the unity in diversity with the winners laws governing the spirit world, with God.

But it needs to be developed:

In the life of every person, tow forces of knowledge and operative from birth. The power of human reason, along with it’s satellites of sensation, perception, conception, and so forth.

The power of intuition, the former is developed through our social lives and interaction. The latter usually remains uncultured, undeveloped, because of the want of proper guidance and methods of training.

As long as one’s intuition remains undeveloped, they are guided mainly by the limited understanding of mortal intelligence, with only occasional prompting of intuitive wisdom. Therefore, people engage in some good actions, but also many wrong actions, and acquire many bad habits. Through the operation of the law of cause and effect, or karma, they find themselves following helplessly his own self created destiny, which often lead to misery.

Life can be successful, healthy, and complete, balanced with wisdom and happiness when activity is guided by God’s inner intuitive direction.

The only way to know and to live in truth is to develop the power of institution. Then you’ll see a life that has meaning, and that no matter what you are doing the inner voice is guiding you.

While animals are guided primarily by instinct and the ordinary person is guided by their ego, yogi who is united the herself is guided by the soul.

Today November 4th I am thankful that God has opened up a door for me to be of help in the ministry of sending people to rehabilitation for their addictions. Thank You Lord for this opportunity.

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