Dealing With Change

Change is unavoidable and a constant in our lives. Sometimes we can control it, but other times we can’t. Most often we cannot control change. Our jobs or roles change and not always for the better.

Fortunately, there are ways to adapt to change and take advantage of it.

We have to learn how to cope with many things in our lives. But once we learn we can deal with change in a positive way.

Find the humor in situations. Trying to funny moment during an otherwise unfunny situations can be a fantastic way to create humor you need to see vexing problem from a new perspective. It can also feel better as well.

Rod A. Martin studied the effects of different styles of humor, he found out that witty banter, affirmative humor, can lighten the mood and improve social interaction. Just make sure it’s respectful. A rule of thumb is that other people’s strife in no laughing matter buy your own struggles can be a source of comedic gold.

Talk about your problems more than your feelings.

One of the most common myths of coping with unwanted changes is the idea we can work through our, anger, our fears, and our frustrations by talking about them a lot, this isn’t always the case. Rather than keeping them hidden inside that only causes pain and depression. Actively and rested,y broadcasting negative emotions hinder our natural adaptation process.

I was alway told to suck it up or ignore your troubles . Instead call out your anxiety or ignore our your anger at the outset of a disorienting change so that you are aware of how it might distort your thinking or disrupt your relationships. Then look for practical advise about what to do next. By doing so, you’ll zero in on the problems you can solve, instead of laminating the ones you can’t.

I once went to a support group for depression. I was naturally nervous but I learned ways to cope with change and met people who had similar issues and Sharing problems and ways to cope with change.

Don’t stress out about stressing out.

Our beliefs about stress matter. I the upside of stress, your reaction to stress has a bigger impact on your health and success than stress itself. If you believe stress kills you, it will. If you believe stress I trying to carry you through a challenging situation, you’ll become more resilient and may even live longer.

A good rule is when you feel stressed, ask yourself what your stress in trying to help you accomplish. Is stress trying to help you excel at an important task. Is it trying to help you endure a tough situation or a temporary shift in life? Is it trying to help you successfully exit a Toxic situation?

Stress can be a good thing – if you choose to see it that way.

Focus on your values instead of your fears.

Reminding ourselves of what’s important to us, family, friends, our relationship with the Lord, convictions, great music, creative expression, and so on. We can create a surprising powerful buffer against whatever troubles may be ailing us. I personally when I am stressed out, praying to my Lord, and getting into His word. It takes way my stress and I usually learn something along the way.

Spending 10 minutes a day to strengthen your mind with a simpme exercise writing about a time when a particular value that has positively affected you. It helps to go back to those when your feeling down or struggling with problems to uplift yourself. It helps us realize that our personal identity can’t be compromised by a challenging situation.

Accept the past, but fight for the future.

Even though we are never free from change, we are always free to decide how to respond to it.

The one thing that we must do if you want to have a happy life is dealing with change, and accept it.


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