How To Stop Comparing Ourselves To Others.

The world has done a pretty good job, of making us compare ourselves to others, That model who is prettier than you are. They tell us to try this diet and that diet, that never work.

Then we start comparing ourselves to the people around us, I wish I could be rich like them, they have a fancy car, a beautiful home, and look at their boyfriend he’s a keeper.

I’ve spent many years with the Oh I’m so deprived state of mind. Typically blaming it on my childhood I had.

I did it in school but I got older I became fixed on comparing my job title, income level, and worldly success.

There are an infinite number of categories that we can compare ourselves too and almost an equal number of people to compare ourselves. And now were flooded by social media. It’s easier than ever to find someone better to compare ourselves to. Which only serves to make us feel bad about ourselves.

Once we begin down that road of comparing ourselves to everything we never find an end.

The tendency to compare ourselves to others is as human as any other emotion. But it is a decision that only steals joy from our lives. And it is a habit with numerous shortcomings.

Comparisons Are Always Unfair.

We typically compare the worst we know of ourselves to the best we presume about others.

Comparison, By definition, Require Metrics.

Only a fool believes every good thing can be counted or measured.

Comparisons Rob Us Of Precious Time.

We each get 86,400 seconds each day. And using even one to compare yourself or your accomplishments to another is one to many.

You Are Too Unique To Compare Fairly.

Your gifts and talents and successes and contributions and value are entirely unique to you and your purpose in this world. They can never by properly compare to anyone else.

You Have Nothing To Gain, But Much To Lose.

We lose our pride, our dignity, drive and our passion.

There Is No End To The Possible Number Of Comparisons.

The habit can never overcome by attaining success. There will also be something or someone else to focus on.

Comparison Puts Focus On The Other Person.

You can control one life-yours. But when we constantly compare ourselves to others, we waste precious energy focusing on other peoples lives rather than our own.

Comparison Often Result In Resentment.

Resentment towards others and towards ourselves.

Comparison Deprive Us Of Joy.

They add no value, meaning, or fulfillment to our lives. They only distract from it.

The negative effects of comparisons are wide and far-reaching. Likely you have experienced many of then first hand in your life.

How, might we break free from this awful habit of comparison?

Be Aware Of It’s I’ll Effects.

Pay attention to the harmful effects of comparing yourself to others has on your life.

See Your Own Success.

Whether you are a musician, doctor, writer, mother, student, you have a unique perspective backed by unique experiences and unique gifts. You have the capacity to love, serve, and contribute. You have everything you need to accomplish good in your , little section of the world. With the opportunity right in front of you, become intimately aware of your past successes. Find motivation in them to pursue more.

Desire The Greater Things In Life.

Some of the greatest treasures in this world are hidden in plain sight: love, humility, empathy, selflessness, generosity. Among these higher pursuits, there is no measurement. Desire them above everything else and remove yourself entirely from society’s definition of success.

Every year near Christmas my community has Angel Trees, for needy children or senior citizens at local businesses. Every year I find an individual to bless. I always get a few things extra things, that I think they might enjoy. Sometimes I get to meet these individuals and sometimes not. But I value the experience always. I feel blessed because. No am not rich I’m far from it. But simple acts of kindness cannot be compared and few people do it.

Compete Less And Appreciate More.

There may be times when competition is appropriate, but life is not one of them. We have all been put on this earth at the exact moment on this exact planet. And the sooner we stop competing against each other to win the faster we can start working together to figure it out. The first and important step in overcoming the habit of competition is to appreciate and complement the contribution of others.

Practice Gratitude.

Gratitude always forces us to recognize the good things we already have.

Remind Yourself Nobody Is Perfect.

While focusing on the negative is rarely, as helpful as focusing on the positives, there is important space to be found remembering that nobody is perfect and nobody is living a painless life. Triumph requires an obstacle to be overcome. And everybody is suffering through their own, whether you are close enough to see it or not.

Find Inspiration Without Comparison.

Comparing our lives with others is foolish. But finding inspiration and learning from others is wise. Work hard to learn the difference.

Compare With Yourself.

We should strive to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Not only for our selves but for the benefit and contribution we can offer to others. Work hard to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Commit to growing a little each day. Work on being better that you were yesterday. Learn to celebrate the advancement you are making without comparing them to others.

With so many negative effects in comparison, it’s a shame we ever take part in it. But the struggle is tea, for most of us. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. And the freedom we can find in comparing less is so worth the effort.

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