Have The Courage To Walk Away

There’s a interesting balancing act between walking away from people who don’t treat you well, respect you enough to respond to you, or simply don’t act like you mean much to them.

On one hand you want to be close with people so you can reach out to meet new friends. On the other hand you have a respect for yourself and pride in how to act. The middle ground can be hard to find at times. If you struggle with this again and again. At what point do you hold your head up high and walk on.

I hold myself to a high standard. A lot of the time I find myself or wanting to do something but doing it anyway because I know the other person deserves that. But I feel in many situations if it were switched around they would not do that for me.

I don’t know if it’s my generation, but it has become increasingly popular for people to just not respond to you. And not take seconds out of their day to recognize effort, and just hide. I don’t know what it is and I don’t understand what makes people do this. I think, Is it lack of respect? Do they just not like me? Do they just not care?

I was ordering some medical supplies a few days ago over the phone. When the phone call ended instead of saying goodbye they just hung up on me. I don’t know why this really bothered me. But It did I was thinking “WoW they are representing the company they work for, and that’s how they end conversations.’

AsBecome more intense I go through life, things have Become more intense. I give my heart out to people in a way that I never been capable of before and I love that about myself. But at the same time I have experience more and more attitudes that are yes big turn offs in the world. I tried to find balance between giving people chances, more often than not many, and deciding to walk away. It’s hard to let people go especially when there is no big blowup of any sort. It’s hard to turn off trying to bring Other people Joy as I can throughout my day. I try to make people smile. I tried to give them a little leg up, I’m confidence, some spark to their day that might make it all that much better.

While I do not expect the same from them, but I do look for respect, and if it’s not there, I do not try to convince them I just end up leaving. So sometimes we end up having to swallow a pill that we don’t like to swallow. It happens all the time, they keep your heart and your life end it says though you feel you’ve died because you’ve been killed inside. But yet you’re still alive which means you will survive.

Although today you may wait because you’re weak and everything seems so bleak and hopeless. The light that you are seeking it begins to seep in.

That’s the only thing keeping you from leaping the deep end. And you have to pull her self through this feeling and with a little time you should be healing. And by tomorrow you may feel good that you were willing forgive them even after all the stuff they put you through. So, see boundaries for yourself learn to know your limits. Learn to recognize when you have to walk away.

I have felt my entire life that if I try and speak to people I speak and they do not listen, or just ignore me. When I walk away. I choose to not speak to them anymore. More times that not they will come speak to me the next time they see me. I choose not to treat them the way they treated me.

Remember things change everyday, but wounds heal although the scars remain. Even if tomorrow’s gone the scars remind us of what we lived through and are all the stronger for it.

Burn your bad memories, learn from your mistakes and move forward.

You have to know how much your worth is. Before you can settle for everything, or know when to walk away.

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