Fear is the root cause of most our problems, although it may not seem obvious at first. It’s not always self-evident how procrastination or financial and relationship problems are related to fear. The truth is, every problem we have is rooted in fear.

It’s not who you are that holds you back it’s who you think your not


We do have those problems mentioned above and why aren’t we not able to solve them?

Fear is everywhere

In relationships we fear many possible causes, for example we might feel that we’re not good enough for our partner, fearing abandonment.

We might fear not be accepted or not having control over the rest. Maybe we have trust issues we just can’t talk about them.

Financially, we often fear to change bad habits because we can’t let go of our comforts. The morning coffee shop that is so necessary in our lives but burns so much money can’t be forgotten, although everyday we might fear spending too much and getting addicted to shopping and not getting out of it.

Shopping addiction is often caused by anxiety, meaning that we might fear our appearance not being good enough or just wishing for our life to be better than it currently is. We fear not being accepted in society, many people are afraid of being judged if they have less than others, whether it is a car or the house or clothes.

I definitely have a shopping addiction, although I have improved to the way I used to be. Before I would have to have a new outfit every few days. Pants, a shirt and boots. Although the addiction is still here, I am able to walk into a store and get exactly what I need ( most of the time.

Procrastination is caused because we fear failure.

Following your dreams and goals can be discomforting. It takes a lot of time and hard work to get where you want to be. As the brain tends to be scared of potential failure, it prefers tasks that are more comfortable and easy to do, likely scrolling through social media or checking e-mails, because for one part, it’s entertainment which makes us feel good, also it reduces stress and fear of missing out on something important.

There’s other thinks we also fear because of simulation reasons- we done like to start exercising, because it is tiring and uncomfortable, also it means spending that we could use on entertainment-by social media or watching TV.

Would about doing the things we love-many people haven’t committed to trying something new, because they fear failing or think their not good enough.

Fear is everywhere, so being able to seek discomfort and learn to be more fearless, open up to many more opportunities in our lives.

The Art Of Dealing With the Fear.

Fear is viewed as an enemy – as something that is holding us back and being the reason that fear is there to defeat us and the extraordinary are able to defeat it.

I used to fear everything, taking my children to their activities, from baseball to bowling, and swimming, or to school events. My children did everything alone, because I feared being talked about or judged. The times

The times I would go, but stand or sitting behind the scenes so I could make a fast get away. Then one day I realized I was doing the same thing my mother did to me. I started going to every event to show my support in what they were involved with.

Fear is a part of us, there is no way we can destroy fear, so what we have to do is to welcome fear with open arms. It’s part of us and will be forever, so instead of viewing fear as an enemy, stopping yourself from embracing the change, view it as a friend and let fear drive you to extensive heights.

So what can we do to make friends with fear?

We need to accept fear. Fear is our best friend, it has always been a part of us human and will never go away. Accept it and don’t even think of trying to destroy it.

We need to be aware of fear. When we look into fear it might show us the solution to our problems, so finding out what is stopping you , what we’re scared of and looking into what we can actually do to overcome and prevent it and prevent it is the future.

Think about your fear.

What is it your fearing? What is the worst case scenario? Will you be okay? Giving you a little bit of space to think about it, for example going for a walk by yourself, praying, some people do meditation to think about their fears.

We need to be grateful to fear. Being grateful to fears shows us who we are and what life really is to us. This teaches us to appreciate us to appreciate ourselves. We have to be grateful for the possibilities we have in this moment. Instead of see everything as an opportunity-hard work is a opportunity to create or do good in this world and you will do more good than harm, Change is always a opportunity to grow and learn and it should always be embraced. If we don’t want to end up being the same person for decades.

Fear teaches success, without fear, we wouldn’t have success. If there’s no ideal we would fear failure. Fear is good to keep you going and accepting yourself. With out fear, there is no meaning behind success.

I lived close to 40 years living in fear. Not wanting to change anything, and just accepting my life was going to be a poor excuse and I was too. When I decided to step out, things began to change for the better, I realized I could be happy and blessed. I now try every opportunity that seems for a good cause. Your not going to find out what you like if you don’t try it. I now use fear as excitement.

Learning to deal with fear is a long process that involves many characteristics, as we will learn to become more aware and accepting. We need to find gratitude, but we also need to be able to see the pain, otherwise we will never have a ideal version of ourselves to work up to.

The more we embrace fear the more we’ll be able to handle it. It’s a matter of practice, and seeking discomfort can be learned and thought.

Accepting our fears and working with them as necessary, if we let it stop us, we will be the ones that suffer.