How To Be Calm Through Every Situation

I few years ago I wouldn’t have believed anyone could be calm and in complete control when the world around me was to high stress and anxiety stricken.

Most people just don’t feel a sense of peace, of calm, of serenity throughout their day.

A few habits me create a feeling of calmness much more than ever before.

I’m not perfect at them, but I do practice them, and they are always helpful.

These habits are not a one-time change in your life or work pattern. Changing your environment is great but, you can’t control the things that happen to you much of the time, and you certainly cannot control how other people act. The only thing you can control is your response- and response matters. You can respond to the same situation with anger or anxiety, or you can respond with peace and calmness.

These are the habits to develop that will help you develop calmness (based on my experience):

A calm morning ritual. There are many people who rush through their mornings, starting the moment their feet hit the floor. And start their day feeling stressful the entire day. The night before I pick out my outfit everything from socks to underwear and shoes, I make sure my. Coffee is ready ready to go from the next morning. I set my Alarm clock for 45 minutes before I need to get up. I my routine mapped out by time.

I pray and ask God to Blessed my day or let me become a blessing to someone else. After I get my coffee, I have take about a half hour to calmly meditate in God’s Word and drink my coffee. I take 15 minutes for a shower. While I’m doing my hair and make up, I listen to Praise music. Get dressed, fix myself breakfast, in time to get out the door a few minutes early in- case I am slowed down on my way to work.

Learn to watch your response. When something stressful happens, what is your response? Some people jump into action- though if the stressful situation is another person, sudden action can be harmful. Others get angry, or overwhelmed. Still others start to feel sorry for themselves, and wish things were different. Why can’t other people behave better? Watch this response- it’s an important habit.

Don’t take things personally. Many times the response (that you noticed in Habit 2) is to take things personally. A prime example I did before I began practicing these habits). If someone does something we don’t like, often we tend to interpret this as a personal affront. Our kids don’t clean their rooms? We think they are defying our authority instead of just being kids. Our spouse doesn’t show affection today? He/she must not care as they should. How could they treat us that way. Some people think the universe is personally against them. But, the truth is, it’s not personal- it’s the other person’s issue. They are doing the best they can. You can learn not to interpret situations as a personal affront, and instead see it as some non- personal external situation ( like a bird flying by or a leaf falling) that you can respond to without a stressful mind set, or not need to respond to at all.

As I have written on many times before.

Be grateful. Lots of people talk about gratitude but how often do we apply it to the situations of our day? Things are crashing down at work, or your boss in angry, or you co- workers are rude, or your kids are misbehaving, or someone doesn’t love us.

Do these cause anger/anxiety/unhappiness, or an we find a way to be grateful? Drop the complaints and then smile. This unbending habit can change your life.

Create stress coping habits. Many times when we are faced with stress, we have unhealthy responses-anger, feeling overwhelmed and withdrawing, eating junk food, drinking alcohol or taking drugs, shopping or otherwise buying stuff, going to waste of time sites, procrastinating,and so on. Instead we Need healthy ways to cope with stress, which we’ll come inevitably. When you notice stress, watch how you cope with it, and then replace any unhealthy coping habits with healthier ones.

There are some healthy stress coping habits that include, drinking tea, exercise, meditation, massaging your own neck and shoulders, taking a walk, drinking some water, talking with someone you care about.

Single-task instead of multitasking, I think people multitask now than ever before. People text or talk when their drinking which causes stress let, alone very dangerous. People text while their walking which takes the calming effect that we get from just walking. They tweet and post on Facebook, they email and read blogs and news, they watch TV while eating, the plan their days while doing chores. This is a great way to add stress to your day and make you age faster.

This level of anxiety that runs through everything we do, only because you think you should be doing more. How about you try just doing me thing and learn to trust that you shouldn’t be doing anything else. It’s takes a lot of practice to just eat, just go for a walk, just talking to someone without having your cellphone going off every few seconds, just do your chores, just read an article.

How about trying to just do one simple task and then learn to trust that you don’t have to do anything more. Take sometimes to practice just eating, just doing chores, or just speaking to someone without having your cellphone in your hand going off every few seconds. Take the time to go for a walk without texting or talking to someone. Take time to enjoy real-life stress free.

Involve yourself in answering one e-mail at a time until your inbox in empty. You can learn there is peace in doing one thing at a time and work on your tasks simply.

Reduce the noise in your life. Our lives are filled with so much noise, notifications, social media, news, even the things that cutter us visually. None of it is necessary. Reduce this noise the create some quiet space in your life.

With our brains taking in all the stress in today’s surroundings and noise, our minds never have a chance to shut down and rest from day to day. It’s very unhealthy and dangerous.

Choose to get the stress and anxiety out of your life, and be calm and everyday of your life.



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