Making Peace With Your Past

Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you-Jean Paul Sartre

Are you plagued by your past? I you want to know the open-heartedness and enthusiasm for life that come with making peace with your past.

We all have past memories that act like they have a mind of their own. They keep recirculating when all we want is for them to disappear. We become way to emotionally reactive than we know what’s is good for us. We become limited by distrust, and neediness.

Sometimes the past is nipping at our heals.

Sadly I lived in the past for many years I was filled with anger and resentment about my past and continually blamed my past for my present situation. When actually I was to blame.

Our mind screams about the “ should haves and the ought to be’s.” I kept a endless list of what I deserved. There are times when arguments failed us and we have to walk away. It’s time we “saw the light.”

Taking the responsibility for our own personal happiness. Anger and resentment prevents us from experiencing the ease and well being that we so desperately need. Stop feeding it. No more stories about what you should have been or even waiting for a magic solution. Your past has to disappear in order to have happiness.

The story of what happen to us didn’t change but what we gave power of changes. Stop dwelling on your past. Stop justifying anger and resentment. So you will be more drawn to ease and simplicity. Whoever caused this anger in your life will improve.

While, I never got to have a better relationship with my Mother. I did come to have a better relationship with may Father. I was is caregiver for the last 10 years of his life. We became very close in those years. And I was very blessed to have the right to be there for him. What I wanted was to be free from my past and happy in the present.

I was telling a lady about my past that I had met at church, she said something to me that has stuck with in for years. “You are not your mothers sin.” I realized right then that’s how I was living my present life. I was living like I had took over my mother’s sin, everything she did to me, I was living in punishment for that. When was not to blame, she was.

There is no law stating we can’t change our thoughts. Every time I had a bad thought about my past or even in my present. I would say out loud when I was along “STOP” get out of my head. Satan go away. It may not be the solution for every one, but, it worked for me. I managed to change my thought patterns to a healthy thought pattern instead of thinking all those sick destructive thoughts.

We can manage to destroy ourselves from the inside out.

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