Small changes in your personality can lead to improved emotional health.

The ways of figuring out your personalities historically included your blood, bumps on you skulls, temperaments and personality inventory from the ink lot test.

Self- assessments of our personality can be flawed because most people have little insight into what type of personality they have. I’ll- tempered people may believe they are kind and thoughtful to everyone. Instead of being disrespectful and thoughtless. People can be attentive to other’s needs may behave in ways others do not want. And be unaware of their intrusion.

Many people don’t pat attention to what kind of personality they have and don’t know how their personalities operate.

When people go to therapy for symptoms of anxiety or depression most have no idea what causes their anxiety/depression. Therapy usually uncovers a personality dysfunction. They identify and wrestle with their personalities.

Personality reaches our world, leisure, thoughts, activities, the ways we use language and our management of relationship.

The process of emotionally conditioning. Parents teach children many things- how to make a bed, read books, meet relatives. But parents also teach children how to grow emotionally feel.

Imagine if you trained yourself as you train you dog. We cannot completely our personalities. But we observe people can make sufficient change to lessen their anxieties, depression, relationships, conflict and substance overuse. The changes can be long lasting if enough work is done.

I used to be a horrible person, I used to hate, resent, and was usually addicted to prescription medication not by my own self, but by the doctors giving larger doses than I needed. I changed.

Our personality becomes more rigid as we age. We become more flexible and mature and tend to repeat the aspects formed in childhood.

I was seeing a therapist when I was very depressed, I slept all the time, and often felt suicidal. This therapist told to start waking up every morning get showered and dressed, eat a good breakfast, spend at least 15 minutes a day out side. Simple ideas but, they made a world of change for me. I became happier and more energetic. Don’t get me wrong I still had bad days. But as I began to get outside I had come to enjoy it. I met a lady walking on the same path I was walking on, after a while we became friends and walking buddies.

Today she is the best friend I have ever had.

As I continued to see my therapy, we changed my depression medicine to something that worked and not drug me out. The idea came to me, maybe if I focus on a beautiful thing everyday. When I fell into depression it would help me. I chose a beautiful tree just outside my window. If we chose to see something beautiful around us everyday. It can change us. I began to have a more positive attitude.

As I began to feel more positive I could be a nicer person. And started to notice things more. Every day I improved a little more. I chose to be kinder and happier. I was reacting to people and think about what I was saying to them.

Most people aren’t even aware of what they say about their tone of voice they are using. I changed my words, and my tone around people and it changed my world.

You can make lasting changes in your personality.