The disciples experienced several mountain-top moments in their time with Jesus. But when a storm hit while they were out on the Sea of Galilee, fear took over. Among the roaring waves with the boat rocking. Jesus’ chosen one failed to recall the lessons they had learned about the power and purposes of their leader. Even the appearance of Jesus walking on water didn’t bring immediate relief (Matthew 14:26).

In our own strength we lack sufficient recourses and abilities to meet life’s challenges, so God provides what we need.

Our suffering is never a surprise to the Lord. He knows everything we are going through. More than that, He’s orchestrating our circumstances for His glory and our benefit, according to His Will.

Reflecting on the purpose in hardship can help us respond to the trails with God. Let’s take a moment to fix our attention on the Lord and seek to understand four lessons. He wants us to learn through life’s dark times.

Our purpose for hardship is cleansing. Because of the our flesh nature and the self-absorbed world we live in. It’s easy to develop selfish attitudes, mix up priorities, and have ungodly habits.

The pressure that bears down on us from stormy situations are meant to bring these impurities to our attention and direct us to purify and guide us back to godliness, not to ruin our life’s.

The second reason we face difficulty is so we’ll be compassionate and comfort to others. How much better is it to help someone you care about through a trial you’ve already been through. God’s work in our lives is intended for us. It is designed to reach a world that doesn’t recognize or acknowledge Him. The Lord uses our challenges to equip us for serving others.

As we experience suffering We will learn about God’s sufficiency. His comforting presence, and His strength to help us endure. I know many times the only way I made it out was because of Gods strength. Our testimony during difficulty will be authentic. For the people in life we come to know we will know their pain because we’ve been through it. What credibility would we have with people in crisis if we never experienced a deep need.

The third, God promises us He’ll provide a path through any trail we face. The disciples probably wondered how long the storm would last and whether they would make it safely to the shore. Most likely, they wished it never happened. But had they somehow avoided this storm, they would have missed the demonstration and of Jesus’ power over the sea and wind. The frightening situation was transformed into a revelation of the saviors Devine nature. God wants to make his power known through our trials, as well.

The forth is the most important thing. He gives us an awareness of his presence. At first, the disciples believed they were alone in a terrifying storm. When they stopped Jesus, their fear increased. They thought it was a ghost. But as they recognized Him, their fear changed to relief and hope. Similarly, we may not sense God’s presence during a crisis. But He has promised to always be with us (Hebrews 13:5-6). The assurance that the Lord will never leave provides immediate comfort, an infusion of courage, and a sense of coincidence to endure.

No one enjoys suffering. But in the hands of the Almighty God, trials becomes tools. He uses trials to shape people into what He intents us to be. He permits us to suffer because He has something far more important to teach us.

Ask God what He wants you to learn in a trail He will show you a entire new way of seeing what your trial and the purpose of why it’s happening. God is good all the time. He always provides for your spiritual needs to help you endure and grow stronger in your faith in Him.