Ways To Stay Positive When You’re Having A Bad Day

I have had the worst day today then I had in a long day. Everything that could go wrong did. I went to mail my son’s Christmas gift and the lady at the post office told me his address wasn’t right. I went to pick up some Christmas tree’s to donate to those in need, as I was lifting into my vehicle my knee popped and I almost fell. I went to buy some wine bringing it into the house ai dropped it and it shattered. And ruined a gift I was holding. I almost wanted to scream. But I didn’t.

I want to share with you some ways on how to stay positive when you’re having a bad day.

It seems to be Murphy’s law. One had thing happens and the rest of your day goes downhill from there.

We all have had days when it seems like nothing goes right.

Ways to stay positive, even when your life isn’t cooperating.

Develop A Plan

Often we feel just ”off” and we let it affect our day without finding out what it is that makes up feel down in the first place. Identify what’s making you feel despondent.

Example, I package I tried to send today. I didn’t stress over it. I thought okay I can try again to tomorrow. Thinking I hope the lady I went to will not be there then. When I hurt my knee, it knew it was a bad choice to try and do any heavy work. I didn’t let it bother me, I did what I needed to do. I should of got a clue to go home and rest my knee instead of going on. My knee was acting weird last night. I went to buy the bottle of wine when I was hurting and tired. But there’s no used to cry over spilled wine.

Everything that happened to me today can be fixed tomorrow. While the day was irritating. I didn’t let get me upset. I saw some old friends today, I bought groceries, I have a vehicle to drive. Some so many people have way less than I do. I didn’t let the bad things in the day, steal my joy.

Speak positive words to yourself. We tend to believe what we say. Our minds literally go in the direction of our words. Of course, we can’t talk ourselves into being taller, or skinnier, but, we can have a more positive outlook by noticing the good, anticipating a positive outlook and speaking it out load.

It’s almost impossible to shout ”I feel fantastic! and be depressed or mad at the same time. A few verbal affirmations through your day will go along way toward lifting your spirits. I always listen to m favorite music when I’m having a bad day. I can sing along and be uplifted.


When you can laugh during a bad day it seems that your day goes faster. There’s so much stress during these days, laughter is the best medicine to distress yourself.

It’s very hard to worry about a situation when your trying to solve it, or working on seeing the good in life.

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