Experience Christmas Peace In Your Life Everyday

I write this because I know peace from the fear, the panic attacks, the generational curses that were in my life. The pain and anguish that I suffered. I thought this God stuff was just a lie, I was a huge skeptic but when I began going to church because of my children. God changed my life around completely, I truly want to make my life better, but I didn’t think this was the way.

When I say peace, I don’t simply mean the absence of conflict or animosity, I mean the presence of joyful tranquility and as much richness of interpersonal communication as you are capable of; a back and forth richness and sweetness, open, free, sweet no agenda peace. Is that what we’re all after.

So let’s look at these. Let’s start with the key. There is more than one. The key to each of three relationships of peace is keeping together what the angels kept together. But, we first have to treasure the glory of God. If you just want peace you won’t get it. You cannot separate the two. Th angels won’t let you. God won’t let you. God’s purpose is to give you peace by being the most glorious person in your life.

Five times in the New Testament, God calls for peace, Jesus said “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you” (John 14:27). And Paul said Jesus Himself is our peace ( Ephesians 2:14). So if you say I want peace but I don’t want a glorious God. I want the peace, but I don’t want the sovereign Jesus, then you won’t have the peace. The angels have it right. The angels keep it together. If we want peace to rule in our lives, God must rule in our lives. He is our peace.

So the key to peace is glory to God and peace to men to keep it together. A heart bent on showing the glory of God will know the peace of God, making much of a God, displaying the beauty of God, admiring God, hallowing God’s name, and enjoying tranquility and peace and candor and openness and readiness to forgive and receptive hearts- not pushing people away, but welcoming people in, sometimes even long lost enemies. What keeps those together? Faith. Believing the promises of God bought by the blood of Jesus. And there is a key text. It is precious in my life. I love this- simple verse from Romans 15:13: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing.”

I don’t think it could be much clearer. How we I enjoy joy and peace from the God of hope? How will I? What connects me to that God and His peace? In believing, by believing, through believing the promises bought by the blood of Jesus at the Cross.

May Your Christmas begin a journey to God and believing and having faith and hope Jesus died for you. And paid the price for you to have peace.


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