How To Get The Most Out Of Life

Many of us struggle with finding happiness in the day today. We getup, go to work, and go to bed, and assume we’d be happier “if only” certain things were different. But the truth is there are always ways to enjoy your life more, and all it requires is a change in perspective and a few adjustments to your routine.

If you have trouble seeing the positives around you, you’re not alone. According to a study that was done by psychology today, our brains have a negative bias. This bias causes us to worry, fear the worst, and focus on the bed instead of the good. It has helped keep us alive as a species, since worrying about potential threats helped our ancestors survive.

So we shouldn’t get to down on ourselves if we feel we have a tendency to focus on the negative and don’t always appreciate the good things in life. We are all guilty of it. The good news is we can alter how we see the world around us and enjoy our lives more. We just have to be willing to work on it.

Here are a few tips that should help retrain your brain to see the happy things.

Take Discovery Walks

A couple days a week go for a walk. It is important to remember that there is always something new to be found in our everyday environments, go for walk and commit yourself to finding 10 new interesting things.

Take A New Class

Push yourself to try new activities, even if you think they are not for you. I once to a clay molding class, we found a picture that we wanted a mold of cutting out the picture with the molding clay underneath, then put into a casing. At first I thought I’m in no way an artist. I don’t like things like that. But, when a chose to do something different I enjoyed myself, and I could really relax while doing it.

Seek Out Laughter

There is an importance to seeking out laughter, call or text a friend that makes you laugh. Listen to a comedian in YouTube. It’s impossible to feel negative emotions while engrossed in laughter. It is uplifting, energizing and calming at the same time.

Hug Someone

I know in today’s world we are not allowed close contact with anyone. But try hugging a family member, your child, or maybe your best friend, or try asking someone if they wouldn’t mind hugging. Most people will be up for it. Studies have shown that embracing someone with a hug boosts oxytocin into our brains, meaning that it genuinely has the power to elevate our moods. So if your feeling down, don’t be afraid to get a little tender loving care and hug someone close to you.

Quit Comparing Yourself To Others

When you quit comparing yourself to everyone, as soon as you notice that your feeling “less than” or “better than” others step back a moment emotionally. And save yourself from the pains of torment your causing yourself.

Say No To More Things

If your thinking “I can’t do that” it actually works. I used to tell everyone “yes I can do that.” I have found that one of the fastest ways to feel weighed down and unhappy is by over-committing ourselves and letting too much pile up on your plate. Soon there will be a huge ball of stress going from one obligation to the next, without any time to look around and smell the flowers. Don’t let saying yes take up your personal time. Learn to say no, and Clear some time for yourself by taking a few things off your agenda. I promise your mood will improve.

Schedule Yourself some self-Indulgence Time

This goes hand in hand with the last one. Schedule yourself some down time. Whether it be the gym, drinks with friends or just watching TV. Make sure you schedule yourself some time for your own enjoyment.

Listen To Some Uplifting Music

Music can make us happier. But do it with the mentality of “am I happy yet?” Instead just let the experience take it’s course.

Get More Sleep

This is a big one for me, I have a difficult time getting enough sleep, sometimes I only sleep a few hours a night. And I get the zombie feeling during my day. There is a strong link between sleep and mood according to Medical studies. It doesn’t take a Scientific study to tell you it can be difficult to feel good when you’re sleep deprived. Our coping mechanisms go out the window after several days of minimal sleep. If your sleep deprived you can get headaches, along with other physical symptoms. You will feel like a new person once you’ve given your body the rest it needs. I’ve been working a changing my sleep pattern and it’s amazing what a simple change can make.

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