Are You A Over thinker?

We may not realize it, but thoughts are powerful. Your thoughts become your reality. Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.

Most successful people have realize have learned how to harness the power of thoughts to help them achieve.

This is good news for those who want to stop overthinking. All people have patterns of behavior. These patterns develop over time based on life experiences. Patterns that are learned can also be unlearned.

Identifying what’s causing us to overthink then take a decisive action to change your mindset.

What is Overthinking

The definition of overthinking is when you think about something way to long. Yes, it’s human nature to think things through when making a decision or evaluating a situation, it becomes overthinking when you can’t get it out of your head. It happens to all of us at some point in our lifetime.

We all experience events that cause us to worry or stress us out. Some people cannot turn their worries off, and dwell on them. They worry about the future making predictions that leads us to believe that something catastrophic will happen that never will. also tending to ruminate on the past, beating ourselves up about should haves and could haves. And worry constantly over what others might think about them. And let negative self-talk build up in us.

Overthinking a decision you have to make can cause problems. Overthinking everything will make things worse than they really are.

When my husband cheated on me when we were a young couple newly married. I was devastated and began to overthink it would destroy our marriage. I was angry and hurt, overthinking all of this instead of telling how I felt nearly destroyed my our marriage and my life. It didn’t happen the way I predicted in my head. We are happier and stronger today than ever.

Tough decisions can lead to a analysis and freeze you into thinking what’s in your head is true. You’re afraid to take the wrong action, so we make no action at all.

Whether you’re a chronic over thinker or need to make a tough decision we’ve all experienced sleepless nights when our brains just won’t shut off.

Overthinking can increase symptoms of depression, elevate stress levels and cloud your judgement.

When I was struggling with my childhood and how it affected me. I heard over and over in my mind- you are worthless, stupid, you will never amount to anything. This caused my overthinking to run on overdrive. And I began to believe those words we true. After being in this thought pattern for nearly 30 years it took a toll on me, my physical, and my emotional life. It nearly destroyed my life completely. I tried to commit suicide many times, and in many cases. With the number of pills I took I should have succeeded. I nearly destroyed my marriage, my children’s lives.

It took a long time for my to realize I was not only destroying my life but everyone around me. Change your thoughts patterns and change your life. The best advice I ever received is. You have a right to change your negative thoughts to positive one’s there is no law against that. Start replacing you ugly overthinking thoughts with positive thoughts. And change your life.

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