Overcoming Darkness

When it feels like there is no light or hope, that life is too hard, or that we don’t see the light in the dark. We need to remind ourselves of important life truths which can help us overcome the darkness.

The darkest hour is just before the sunrise

Usually, the darkest moments of our life also represents the most important life-changing moments we will ever experience. It’s usually once we hit the bottom and we cannot cope with the pain anymore that we get the courage and strength to make the change in our life, even if it seems as scary as hell.

I hit rock bottom before I decided I had to change or die, those were my only two options I had. I surely didn’t want to die, so I began with the good Lord’s help my transformation. It’s in your moments of decision that your density is shaped.

The most painful and darkest moments in our life are usually those moments when due to our pain we are coping with, and we are not able to tolerate any more we finally decide enough is enough and we get the courage to help ourselves. And change.

I got to the point where I was done, I was tired of trying, I was done going out of my way for my friends and family when they wouldn’t even give me the time of day. There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who won’t even jump a puddle for you.

Move out of the place that is suffocating your spirit.

We need to feel grateful for the dark periods in our lives, the darkest hour only how’s that we are very close to making the drastic, incredible, and super exciting change in our life, which makes us happier in the long run.

Pain is an indicator that something isn’t right

The definition of pain is

  • Pay
  • Attention
  • Inwards
  • Now

When we get burned the pain signal to our body that we are touching a hot object, so we can become aware of the danger and get away from a toxic environment. The same happens with emotional pain. The pain is there to tell us we are in a wrong relationship, wrong job, wrong friend circle,

Pain is telling us that this thing is hurting us and we need to move away from it as fast as you can. Pain tells us that we need to make a change. If we don’t respond to the pain, it only gets worse and worse until we realize it is killing us,

When you feel helpless, help Someone else

This sounds really messed up. I know but I learned this while visiting a lady who I confided in many times. Helping other people reminds us that there’s are people who are suffering from their own misery. Helping others will give us a sense of purpose and meaning to our lives even if our life feels empty.

I have found is I help others I will be helped when I feel the darkness of on bad days.

During this virus I am not able to go to people’s houses or take them to lunch but I can call them and let them know I’m thinking about them and praying for them. Take a look at how you can help people around you as you will experience the inner shift of emotions from negative to positive.

Remind yourself of all the blessings, even in the darkest moments of your life. In the month of November, we did a thankful project. So many times we focus on the negative things in our life. Instead of the positive things. Something as simple as remembering the positive things can become a huge light for in the darkness.

I received the gift of life today, I can continue to help someone in need. I can help my children when they are struggling. I can give someone wise words when they come to me for advice because I’ve been where they are. I have a purpose for my life, and I’m living that purpose.

I am blessed I have food on my table, I had a right to go to school. There’s a old saying that a healthy man was a thousand and one desires, and a sick man only has one: To get better.

You don’t have to walk down this path alone

If you’re in a dark place ask for help if your experiencing deep emotional pain and feeling depressed ask for the help you deserve. You deserve help like everyone else, you need respect just as much as everyone else.

I always think it’s great to pray to God. Sometimes he is the only one who listens. Have no doubt he cares for you and is listening to your heart, your words, and your tears.

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