How To Listen To Your Heart, Even When Your Head Disagrees

Listen to your heart it will guide you back to your truth and back to living the meaningful and fulfilling life you deserve to live- Luminita Saviuc

Have the courage to listen to your heart

We’ve all been there. Stuck in the middle of our decision-making mode. Our heart tells us one thing, while our minds try to keep us safe. Two different directions. One feels right, while the other is the most logical option.

What have you been following in the past? Do your decisions sound right or feel right?

Take a look at where you are right now. Your life might be filled with logical and safe decisions. This is great, but it’s leaving a lot of unused potential on the table.

You would love to be free-flowing, in love with your decisions and the place you’re at in your life. For some reason, you’re both there yet. You’re close but always feel on the edge.

You’ve tasted the times in your, life when you’ve been fully immersed in your decisions. Engaging with the uncomfortable-ness of not having a plan, but at least it felt right. If only you could be here more often.

You need to give yourself time to develop heart-centered confidence.

Listening to your heart can be a completely new concept. Today we are so wrapped up in making decisions based on endless pro and con lists, that we never allow any space for new opportunities or potentials. The notion of living in a cause and effect world invades our every thought.

Even though we’re notoriously bad at predicting the future, we pretend like we have the insight of Merlins crystal ball. But we can only predict so far. I’m guessing most of your decisions come in the form of receiving a feeling you know you should see out, but that’s usually overridden because it doesn’t seem possible.

As humans we love falling back on routine. Our same thoughts and beliefs, based on our past, direct our lives or we can inject new life into them.

The decision is up to you.

The morning your eyes in the morning were faced with decisions. This route of that route to work. Take a new job, or move across the country. Most decisions aren’t life changing, but still, add up to our overall life experience.

By adding more space and deeper feeling into your decision-making process you bring more possibilities into your life. We all need is to balance two aspects of your being, the heart and the mind.

Logic and analytic thought saturate our world, there is no way around it. We’ve been on a binge of rationality. A well piece of writing is a truly a beautiful thing, but when rational thinking dominates your life, you’re leaving spontaneity and the potential for unseen growth on the table.

Rationality isn’t inherently bad, but since we’re imbalanced we end up playing life with half the cards. We can see dominance of rationality, fear, and control throughout the world. Worldwide issues can give us a glimpse into where our inner worlds have gone wrong.

An imbalance of logic over subtitles of an intuition-based language. Instead of following our hearts and operating with trust at the forefront, we place a higher degree of value on conforming and what makes the most sense. The big issue here is our individual nature is lost in fear of rebellion from a whole. We’ve created a cultural footprint that’s almost Impossible to step out of.

Rebellion is met with resistance and a lot of times resistance wins.

By strictly living in the realm of rationality we cut off contact with the deeper-source of life and the random events that change us and the course of history. The freewheeling nature of heart-centered decision reaches farther than the contents of our mind can follow.

Bring the power home and listen to your heart

In utilizing your heart you open a entirely new stream of possibility into your life. By making decisions with your heart wide open you develop the trust muscle. In doing this new source of self-love and trust emerges where there was only emptiness before.

Big changes and shifts in your life seems a little less scary as you begin to become familiar with the uncertainty in your life.

I have learned to take advantage of every opportunity I get. I have learned new things and have grown in things I never thought possible. By living in tune with the part of yourself that always has your greatest interests in mind you’ll bring more of what your looking for in life. This isn’t woo-woo law attraction imaginings but instead, a way of viewing and feeling through the world instead of judging and analyzing yourself into a box.

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