Signs Your On The Right Path

The universe has a funny way of showing you that things are going well.

Most often than not we doubt ourselves and get the feeling that we are not doing something right or what we are doing isn’t getting us where we want to be.

Because of this mindset, we lose our motivation and begin to fall victim to the world around us.

The more you believe that you’re on the wrong path. The more you manifest that idea and mindset, the more reasons for you to continue this thought process will seem to appear.

But what if the path you’re on is the right one but you just don’t know yet.

The universe has a weird way of showing us sometimes that what we’re where we want to be.

You may be wondering- What are the ways the universe shows us we’re on the right path?

Here are some signs that lets us know we’re on the right path.

Things Get Tough

If life’s feeling like a constant uphill battle that seems to bring on challenge after challenge. You see roadblock after roadblock with no signs of them stopping anytime soon.

When we are on the right path and moving towards our goals and desires. The universe can be throwing curve balls and situations that change us. This helps us focus on developing the skills we need to succeed.

The late nights and tedious jobs are only making you stronger and teaching us more. Even though many times it does not feel like it.

If everything was easy, you would never want to move anywhere in life and you would constantly find yourself going nowhere. Remember, sometimes it’s the darkest before the dawn.

Don’t Give Up

You’re Forgetting about the past

The past, while nice to think about from time to time. It can be anchoring to our past experiences.

When you start to find yourself always looking forward instead of back.

Thinking about the next two, three, and even four steps in your plan and you will start to feel freer and closes to your dreams.

Sometimes you can almost sense that the universe is listening to you and your call for help moving forward.

It is recognizing that you are moving towards your goals and cutting all the ties to the anchors of the past that are holding back.

I can also feel the Holy Ghost telling me to keep moving forward and do not give up.

Quality Relationships Are Starting To Form

Everyone needs friends, humans are social animals. But not every person you meet is focused on helping you succeed in achieving Your goals. And because of this reality, you will meet a lot of people who will hold you back and make your dreams seem further out of reach.

A strong sign from the universe that your on the right path is the appearance of strong relationships.

These are the kinds of people who seem to be invested in you and your success and want to see you grow and become the best version of you as possible.

When you meet this kind of people you’re experiencing a clear-cut sign that you’re going in the right direction.

Things are start to line up

Similar to how you begin to form strong relationships with people who seem to push you closer to your goals, overall your situation will begin to improve and change for the better.

For example, if you want to be in an upper leadership position at work you might notice that you’re working on a lot of projects with the current leaders.

Or maybe you find out you’re getting a big promotion that you didn’t know was coming.

Things won’t give you everything at once. But it will feedit in small chunks so you can digest things and get used to it.

Ride the wave and get ready for things to keep lining up.

You feel right

Humans have this sixth sense that lets us know when things are going right. Some call it a gut feeling while others call it intuition.

The truth is the universe or you’re gut is reminding you from within that you’re moving closer to your dreams and goals.

When you feel this feeling don’t let it go. Keep moving in the direction you are moving in and don’t stop until you find yourself on the top of the totem pole as they say.

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