Hope is a fragile thing. It is not stagnant. Hope swells. Hope thinks.

It’s what we put our hope in that makes all the difference.

My hope is a strong confidence in God- the one who has unlimited power and resources. He is the one who is able to make profound changes in me and produce results far beyond my imagination when I cooperate with him.

I know I have to get to know God in such a way that I am clear about who he is.

When my hopes are dashed, I know my hope has been misplaced.

Hope is choosing to see my present circumstances from God’s perspective.

Hope is focusing on God’s faithfulness, His abilities, and His immense love. Remembering that He keeps His promises, and that, while things might seem wild and out of control, He is not a chaotic God-He just goes about things in ways that are drastically different than we would do it.

A couple weeks ago I was feeling discouraged I had several issues with everything I had done that day. I admit I wanted to give up. No matter who I tried I felt like my efforts were in vain.

You see putting hope in my own efforts ultimately lead me to discouragement because my abilities are limited. That’s why it’s essential to place hope in God and trust in his ways. I was trying to get too much done on that day. I was not listening to be able to hear what God was telling me. I had shut him out.

Here’s a few hope busters that can mess up hope.


Hope seems to have a element of waiting attached to it. I am pretty patient when it comes to waiting but God always seems to take longer than we would have dreamed possible to make things happen. I’ve been told God is always on time. It seems when your about to give up then God comes through.


It can be challenging to visualize some of the things that God has promised. We don’t see the step by step plan God is doing behind the scenes. We don’t see the details because we wants us to trust in Him always. When we dwell on our doubts it eats away at our hope and leaves us discouraged.


Hope is not about striving it is about resting. Hope is a place where we can settle, relax, and dwell. We must do our part without striving, and trust God will do His part.


Hope disappears when we let fear consume us. It might be fear of failure, fear of missing out, fear of a sickness overtaking us, fear of not enough money. It might be our core fear raising it’s ugly head. Whatever your fear is know that Hope and Fear cannot co-exist.

Preconceived ideas

Whatever God has called you to do and be. Many of your goals are connected to our purpose. In our great wisdom we think we know how things should go and what they will look like when we reach our goals. When things don’t pan out as you imagined they would. It nibbles away at your hope. We don’t want to sit back and patiently wait for things to materialize what it must look like in our thoughts. In my experience, God’s plan is far better that mine and produces far greater results while at the same time bringing Him the glory He deserves. We must hold our ideas with a very loose grip.

When I was younger my only dream for my life was becoming a Crime Scene Investigator, I went to college for 3 years to be a degree in this very dream. I lost hope when I realized I was not about to finish college. Do to family issues. After coming to believe in God I learned that it was not part of God’s plan for me to be a crime scene investigator. What he has done instead was far greater than I had ever dreamed for myself.


Focus on you journey and the things the God is doing in your life and compare that to your life never ends well. Either we feel prideful about how far we’ve come on our own, which does help us or please God or we feel disappointed in our progress. Try to measure yourself against you will only steal your hope.

Stay connected to your why

For me quitting would be disobedience to God. It would also be turning my back on things I’m passionate about and the purpose I was created for.