Having a belief in something greater that your immediate experience can be a powerful force in helping you create inner peace and cope with the stress in your life. We live in a universe that is both mystifying and at times overwhelming. We try to give meaning and purpose to our all to brief lives.

Faith is something bigger, and can help people come to grips with the unknown and perhaps unknowable. No one right away exists for finding a sense of spiritual connectedness. For many, this belief may take form of the belief of God and become to have a relationship with him.

However others may take a more global or vaguely articulate higher power. Or it may take form in community values, or nature. And belief in the human spirit.

Whatever form your faith takes you faith can be a powerful stress buffer, enhancing your ability to cope with life’s more serious stresses. Faith can help you cope with illness, and it may even help you live longer.

Faith can provide meaning and purpose.

Having a deeply felt belief system can help you cope with many of the distressing questions that surround the meaning of existence.

Faith can strengthen stress-effective values.

All Religions should promote the values of hope, faith, and love. Not condemn feelings of anger, hostility and aggression. These are human reactions that everyone has to deal with at some point in their life. We needed learn coping mechanisms in our life. A relationship with “a higher power.”

Faith can provide hope and acceptance.

It encourages a sense of optimism and hope that everything will work out for the best. Faith also helps you accept what doesn’t work out and what you cannot control.

Faith unites you with others.

It can help you create meaningful relationships with people that have the same faith and value systems as you. Having others to share with an lower your stress levels. Belong to a bible based church will put you in contact with others who are less fortunate the you which allows you to play a helping role which reduces stress.

Faith can calm you.

It involves prayer and contemplation, which like meditation and other forms of bodily relaxation can result in changes that reduce stress.