The Sound Of Silence

Silence is better than unnecessary drama.

Sometimes silence is the best answer, because not everyone deserves your reaction.

You don’t need to get even with a person who hurt you. You don’t need to insult those who insult you. Not all people are worthy of your attention even when it comes to the negative.

Often, the most correct way to deal with uncomfortable situations is not to react at all.

By not reacting to all the things that bother you, you show a great level of wisdom and maturity.

Your energy is way too precious to be spent on reacting to all the things that annoy you. You will only exhaust your positivity which will stop you from seeing the beauty and goodness out there.

Not all people will like you, but that’s okay. People will not always treat you the way you deserve, but that doesn’t mean that you should stoop to their level. By simply walking away you will save yourself from the trouble of trying to win the affection of someone, especially if they are undeserving of it to begin with.

A example of this is: my in-laws have different political views than my husband and I. Every election year she feels the need to tell me, I am wrong in my values and that my opinions do not matter. and how awful I am in my political views. I do not and will never discuss politics with my in-laws. This year was worse than the other years. I kept silent and let her speak until she was finished, then I chose to stay silent and walked away from her. In doing that she knew I was not going to argue with her. And she was not going to change my mind or my value system by downgrading me.

And not reacting didn’t mean that I was okay with how things were. You have the ability to stay calm and in control and say “NO” to drama because peace is crucially important to you.

You don’t need anyone to validate you. You don’t need people telling you that you aren’t good enough. You don’t need false friends or shallow relationships.

That is why by not reacting, you are in truth saying all that needs to be said.

By reacting to the provocations of others, you are giving them the green light to tramp,e all over you. So rather that trying to control other people, try to control yourself, your thought and your actions.

By choosing this path you are sending a powerful message that you will not tolerate disrespectful behavior of any kind.

It is sometimes better to reset everything, then wait for someone to change or give you closure.

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