Don’t Do Something Permanently Stupid Just Because You Are Temporarily Upset

There are always things that are going to happen that causes us to be temporary upset. That’s just apart of life. But when those things happen we have to find away to keep our wits about us so we don’t do something permanently stupid that we will regret later. Instead we should focus our efforts on handling ourselves in such a way we can be proud of.

A few years ago my son did something to my make my daughter very angry. She told me she’ll never forgive him and they didn’t speak for about five years. It was crazy if he was at the house and she came she would turn around and leave. Then she decided that should accept a apology from him, and when he tried to apologize it was not good enough for her. It caused tension in my family for years. My son moved away and started working at a sometimes dangerous job. She is regretting what she did now. She did something permanently stupid. What ever he did he choose to hurt his sister. So they both acted stupid because they were upset.

Being in a bad situation and acting out only end up making you feel worse in the end, never better. But when you are dealing with a bad situation and you can actively choose to act in a way that shows the kind of person you are striving to be, then no matter how bad the circumstances are you can still walk away from them with your head held high feeling proud of how you behaved. And this a great feeling to have.

Whether it’s lashing out with words you say, or acting out in a physical way, or doing something to intentionally hurt or damage someone else who feel in the moment deserves it acting that way will still ultimately leave you with feeling of regret. Maybe not at that moment or even days later, but at some point you can be sure the regret will come.

Beyond the feelings of regret, you never know if the bridge you are burning today is the very bridge you will have to cross sometime in the further, it’s simply not worth the risk.

If you are able, even the most confrontational situation, to conduct yourself with integrity and treat the other person with respect even if they don’t deserve it, you will always feel proud that you conducted yourself in the right way, and if you find yourself needing to cross that bridge again in the future you can rest assured that the other person will remember the way you treated them and respectful for it.

All I know is the the best feeling in the world is knowing that your God, your Heavenly Father, is smiling because of you. It’s the best feeling even.

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