Your Value Doesn’t Decrease Based On Someone’s Inability To See Your Worth

Value systems in today’s society are based upon the most common things we are surrounded in everyday life, and everything we do is considered weird because human beings are by default scared to step outside their comfort zone’s.

And I have to mention that weird is considered to be something bad, which is not because it’s something different and it shows creativity, uniqueness and innovation. So when people call you weird think about it and second, smile and say Thank You for the compliment.

At the mention of moral values is completely ignored because they cannot be specifically defined or scientifically proven to be right or wrong.

When I go to town and do shopping sometimes people stare at me, or ask why are you so weird, I tell then if you took the time to go to know me, you might understand.

Being weird or different is something we should be proud of. It’s what makes you you.

In my opinion the first thing we should go for is in analyzing someone’s worth is their willingness to spread good, big things as well as the small things.

If you go through your day with sincere intention to share love, smiles, and good fortune with everyone around you, without hidden intentions. So that you should never have to question if you are a good person or not. It’s not about what everyone thinks about you. If how to think and feel about yourself that identifies your worth.

Be willing to help to a stranger, live your life to give back. If it’s freely given be willing give back.

Do good and get good in return

Always be willing to give more that you get, that’s what generosity is and it’s a very powerful trait in increasing your life quality.


When we start practicing this attitude and behavior we have to be very careful about toxic people that are able to suck your energy and willingness to do good for the rest of the day, or week.

When it happens and it will consider it a lesson so you can do better tomorrow. And try and avoid that toxic person. I do not let toxic people near me if I can help it. If it’s someone within your circle of friends, that is a clear warning they don’t belong there. We have to learn to handle toxic people.

I chose to ignore them or walk away, some people chose to make themselves unpleasant in a conversation. You have a right to act anyway because it’s your energy.

You might feel like everything is heading against you since you’ve made yourself open to share and spread love. No change in life is easy. You have to keep your willingness to improve and get stronger, so you can do more good and increase your value so much that if forces you a smile when you look at yourself in the mirror.

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