Where Do Values Come From

Have you thought about how you got your values? You need to investigate where your values come from for these important reasons.

  • Values influence your motivations to lead ultimately the legacy we leave.
  • Every decision you make is based on a value, whether you realize it our not. Your decisions are based on the cognitive standards of what you consider better or best verses good or not good.
  • Problems attributed to miscommunication are often just the opposite. Most problems arise from clearly communicated differences in values.

A value is an enduring belief that a particular end or means in more society or individually preferable than another end or means.

All of your values come from your underlying beliefs.

To understand where your values come from, begin with your beliefs.

For example, when your beliefs are tied to an authority figure, your parents, you church leader, the media, your beliefs are only as solid as that authority. When doubt is cast down on the source of your beliefs, you derived beliefs are cast in doubt with any associated figures often with shaken values. If you listen to a new station that tells you should fear a illness but your value system is God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind. You should be able to use common sense, the illness is here, but I do not have to fear it. Live your life as normal as possible and keep you and your family safe. Let other people live by their values, don’t attack them for it.

Examine where your beliefs that shape your value system.

What are my key values? What beliefs underlie these values? Where, when and how did these beliefs arise?

Are the based on your experience?

Did they come from your parents? Family members? Friends? Social or church groups? The military?

Did they come from another source of authority?

Have my beliefs been validated by others? Or have my beliefs violated others? Have you ever challenged my beliefs?

What might you believe if you let go of this belief and adopt another? Would your values shift you were to consider a different belief! If yes, then how?

You owe it to the people who depend on you to validate your values by first exploring the beliefs that spawned them. Remember not all beliefs are values, but all values are beliefs.


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