I love this verse from the Bible in Reference to our suffering. Paul says in Romans 8:18, I am sure what we are suffering now cannot compare with the Glory that will be shown to us.

There’s a natural inclination to avoid pain. We protect ourselves from physical and emotional hurt usually at all costs. But pain can be a gift if we look at it the right perspective.

Have you ever loved someone or something dearly, only to have it taken away? Of course we all have. Some endings are like a death to the soul. It’s heartbreaking. We grieve a loss of once was and will never be again. When my father passed away I was devastated at the thought of losing him. It took me 9 years to even think about going through his things. They sat in my basement in boxes.

When I could finally go through his things, it was still hard. But then I realized I would see him again. And the reunion would be great.

The lose can be a job or throwing in the town on a dream you knew wouldn’t ever happen, giving up on an idea, and often times the most painful… the ending of a personal relationship due to a break up or death.

We can often become depressed varying from person to person. In cases some people never find acceptance. Or suppress their anger. (which is unhealthy) or deny the ending altogether like I did with my father. Both are doing whatever they can avoid emotional pain.

Physical pain can be easier to process for society. A cut, a scratch, a broken are is tangible. We now how the body works in healing itself. But emotional pain doesn’t sit on the surface- it exists in the heart. The ache someone feels is at times unbearable. And since the majority of people aren’t those who actively seek pain for enjoyment, it’s natural to turn from it given a choice

Pain is beautiful, purposeful and necessary.

I’m not the kind of lady who goes running around looking for situations that will break my heart. Pain can be a teacher of the highest caliber. And the go do Lord knows I’ve had my fair share. If we are willing to live in the moment with it, listen to it and experience it.

Some of the most impactful life lessons I’ve acquired over 50 years are from moments with in the grief I have grieved my childhood that was taken from me, having no friends most of my school years, the lose of 2 brothers in rather unfortunate deaths. I’ve grieved a troubled marriage for my years. Depression and anxiety most of my life and the list goes on. But I am not complaining. I know now it all happen to teach me very valuable lessons along the way.

Feeling aren’t like a fuse box where you can pick and choose the emotional rooms we turn on and off. Our emotions are like a single light switch. Turn in on and you feel everything-the good, the bad and the ugly. Turn it off and you no longer feel the pain, but you also miss out on the gratitude, joy, love and beauty. The problem is we sometimes leave the light switch off, to long then when you finally turn on the switch all the pain comes flooding out like a gushing river.

Pain is beautiful because it is unique for each one of us like a fingerprint.

Pain is purposeful because it can teach us things that we would not be able to see other wise.

Pain is necessary because without it, we would not be able to experience the joys in life.

Some people like myself shut off everything, by using drugs or alcohol, sports and exercise are addicting too, I used drugs preferably prescription drugs. Every time I didn’t want to feel anything I took an extra one or two pain pills. I was not only shutting off my pain, I was shutting off my life too. The thing is I could only do that for so long. I became an angry depressed person most of my life and that’s not who I wanted to be. I thank the Lord I was able with his strength stop taking the pills and begin healing and feeling everything inside.

One thing I learned first was that the beginning of love was to let those we love to be themselves, we cannot twist them to fit our own image. We cannot change people into a reflection of who we want them to be.

That is acceptance, we hit that necessary phase when we give up our perceptions and see others through soul-centered eyes.

A break up or an ending of any sort teaches us how to allow our pain to move higher in your consciousness.

I have learned that when pain comes into my life. I ask myself what is this pain or situation here to teach me.