Peace Of Mind With Fewer Distractions

The mind is like an ocean. For many people, the mind is constantly moving, just like water, without ever coming to a rest. It is stirred up by our restless and rushing thoughts, and distractions which there are a lot in our modern world.

For many just like waves on the shore, our desires, and fears do not disturb us, but they prohibit us from finding peace of mind. Just like the wind, our thoughts and anxiety can lead to a stormy ocean, without allowing us to rest. The mind it’s self is neutral, just like water. If you were able to reduce the influences of our thoughts on you mind, you would create a calm sea,or mind.

Would if we could all return to a mind of peace, no cell phones, computer screens, no noisy retractions. Would our minds become more at peace?

Our mental calmness depends nightly on our ability to calm our thought. You won’t be able to calm the ocean by grasping the water in a hope that it won’t move. It simply won’t work.

It is necessary to address the root of the problem, which is the wind or in our case our fears, desires and thoughts. You will have to stop the wind or distractions if you want to calm your mind. With fewer distractions and most rest we can learn to control your emotions and thoughts. So that our mental state is unaffected. For this to work properly we need to control and strengthen our attention. Can we really see what’s going on, if we are distracted but our cell phones?

In general the term “a peaceful mind,”. is used to describe a mental state in which mental and emotional calmness prevail. It is a state of mind where your state of mind is not stirred up by anxieties and worries.

The mental activity is phased down so that quietness. Instead of distractions that trouble or future to the point of focusing what lies at this present moment. Are you troubled, fearful anxious of what’s going on right now? When was the last time you turned off your phone, computer, the news and really focused on yourself? Have an actual conversation with some one right beside you. Took a long relaxing bath, and stopped thinking about everything.

We have as experienced a fantastic mental state of distracting ourselves. Maybe. Vacation we took, or absorbed yourself in a amazing book. We were not troubled by our worries and thoughts. Instead our mind was calm- we had found inner peace.

How can we maintain a peaceful mind even in a stressful and hectic world where there is great despair and difficulties?

Media consumption can cause great turbulence within our minds. These media distractions range from television, radio, newspapers, video games, cellphones, and music that an heavily affect your mental state in a negative way.

I thought I was going to have a peaceful quiet commute the other day, and decided to turn of the radio in my car. It was very difficult to do. When I turned it off. I found it very difficult to be in the quiet car with this the sound of the tires rolling.

What is distracting you everyday? How do you find peace in your life.

I remember in pre-school and kindergarten we used to have “quiet time.” How many of us as adults give ourselves quiet time?

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