Run Towards The Roar.

Today in Church my pastor was talking about the evil and danger in our world, and how we need to stand in the face of it.

As I was listening to Him, I vision came into my find about how we supposed to run to the danger. Or what we think is danger.

I saw the Savanna in Africa on one side I saw the Lion roaring and on the other side we the lioness’s waiting patiently and quietly getting ready for the kill. When the male lions get old their teeth start to rot and they aren’t able to kill animals as easily.

According to scripture, our enemy is like a “roaring lion.” But if we look at it from this angle, what does that say about him? To me it says that he is a deceiver who has bad teeth and a big roar. All he can do is lie to us, just like an old lion. In fact we would be better of running toward the roar- the very thing that frightens us- rather than away from it.

I feel this is what’s happening in American right now, everyone is running away from the roar and we are in danger if we do this. The government is trying to shut a party down and we are falling right into their hands. We keep quiet and don’t do anything because we’re afraid.

Over and over Jesus told His followers not to fear. It was one of His most popular commands. And the Bible further tells us that any spirit of fear we experience is not from God at all. (2 Timothy 1:7). While we should pay attention to what our fears communicate to us (that there is need for caution, that we need to trust the Lord, that we need to pray,) if we believe what God says in His Word, we done have to let those fears determine our direction. He’s pointed us to and know that He’s with us all the courage we need in any battle.

The truth is that Jesus has threw Satan down already, and through His victory, we are also victorious. All our enemy can do is lie to us and sees us running in the wrong direction. Today try running “toward the roar” and face what the enemy wants you to fear. You have God’s strength, power and victory locked in already, so rest in knowing that he’ll take you beyond the enemy threats of the enemy- the older tooth-decayed lion.

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