Life is truly unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen, when it will happen, or where you’ll end up. In some cases, this means being granted some on the best things in life. Life seeing places you would never see.

A few years back I was at a conference, in San Antonio Texas. It was supposed to last 4 days. We ended up driving, a 3 day drive from where I live. On the way home I was a tired, cranky woman. I was ready to be home. One of the people in the car got seriously ill. I we ended up staying another 3 days, plus the drive home being another 3 days. That made it a 10 day trip after we made wrong turns and stopping to eat, and bathroom breaks. At that time I was angry and tired. But the places I was able to see was grand. After I rested for awhile I started looking at the pictures and realizing I was Truly blessed. I seen places I never thought I’d see.

In other cases it means dealing with hardships the derail you from everything you had planned, serious illness and grief and trauma amid pre-existing conditions from mental illness, to being already being stressed out.

But in them there are the greatest lessons you have ever received. When being in troubled waters, do you ever ask yourself what am I to learn from this? What the lesson?

I few days ago a friend confided in me, about her relationship. She kicked her boyfriend out, because of something he had said. Listening to her and knowing what he said, I would have probably kick him out too.

My advise was if he isn’t something you want right now, he will never be. People don’t change. They put on masks and when it finally comes off you will see who they truly are. Look at their fathers. Who are they, what are their views on relationships and their value systems. That’s who the person you are with. I’ve seen it time and time again.

It’s kinda look before you leap. Look for the lesson in your troubles.

No matter the circumstances we face, often times we call on God, when something we are going through is troubling us. Why not ask Him to teach us and help us through the trouble.