Staying Positive In A Negative World

Negativity seems to be surrounding us everyday.

There’s always seems to be something new and a scary that hit us everyday. Negativity also hits us at work with layoffs, benefit cutbacks and other decisions that affect our personal income.

People on the street don’t wave or say hello like they used to. Smiles are few and far between. Masks seem to alienate us from each other.

For many, the negative world has become the “new world.” It doesn’t have to be this way. When you know how to stay positive in a negative world. You take the control back from the darkness.

We can decide to be happy. We can decide to speak to people and be the light in the darkness.

We are called in Matthew 5:14 to be the light of the world. A city, that is set on a hill that cannot be hid. We need to start being that light. Light overcomes darkness.

With so much information coming our way it’s easy to get and keep a negative perspective and easily becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

If all we focus on are the dark moments in a dark world it slowly saps our hope away. If we only see darkness that is what will show in us is darkness.

A change in perspective is all it takes to turn negativity into positivity. Instead of looking for and expecting the negative seek to turn the negative into perfection. Which still exists within the imperfection of our world today.

I choose not to focus on the negativity of the government, media or anyone else that is trying to shove hate and evil down my throat. I choose instead to focus on the positive outcome I can provide in my life.

I can still treat everyone I meet on the street with dignity and respect. I can help the needy, I can still take a friend out to lunch and buy. I can still choose to help the elderly with their groceries in the parking lot. By helping them lift things into their car or return their carts and save them a few steps.

Start to watch the helpers who provide sanity in a disaster. Watch for the young parents who stand in the middle of the crosswalk to teach their children that to stay safe walk in between the painted lines.

Times and seasons change but that doesn’t mean the good people in America have too.

My Father, my husband and my son has fought for the freedom of America. I will not stand by and have to government dictate hate and evil to me just because they have more money and think they know what right for America.

When you begin to see positivity in other people you more apt to do something positive.

Yes there’s a nasty virus out there, but I will not live in fear. If I die I know I’m going somewhere better than here.

So how do we seek the good moments out when the world seems so terrible.

  • Avoid negative influences. Look for the best in people and point out those points. Even if you meet someone so dark that your heart hurts. Have you ever not particularly cared for a person? What would happen if you started saying something nice about them every time you seen them? What do you think would happen? They would more than likely feel more positive. Right.
  • Give thanks in all things, begin to look for the good things in your life. And thank Jesus for them.
  • Be content in your circumstances o matter what they are. Looking at what others have and wanting it. Example; there’s a person in my life right now that has a great job, great cars, a nice house and all the toys to go with it. But she do not have love in heart, like I do, she would never help a stranger who was in need. She lives for herself and herself alone. I sure would like all the things she has, but I’d rather have what I have a heart to help people, some great friends. And an Amazing Church family. I would much rather have what I have instead of what she has.

Begin to focus on the positive and avoid listening to the negative media, there are plenty of other positive news sources out there in that negative world they are trying to shove down our throats.

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