Signs Of Emotionally Manipulative People

I thought today I would share the sign of Emotionally Manipulative People.

Sometimes it difficult to tell if your being manipulated.

  • That twist everything you say, to make you look or feel bad.
  • They say awful things, then deny that they said it.
  • They used guilt trips to control people.
  • They minimize your difficulties,so they don’t have to be there for you.
  • Their situations or problems are always so much worse than everyone else’s.
  • They are experts at using passive aggressive behaviors to hurt you.
  • They focus their attention only on their own unhappiness. They never acknowledge your pain
  • they try to intimidate you with aggression or anger.
  • They seek out sensitive, insecure or trusting people, who have no idea the kind of people they are dealing with. They take advantage of the genuine or naive souls.

Love is grand, but no matter how much you love them. See past it. See the signs, it could save you a lot of hurt along the way.

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