Strategies The Enemy Uses To Keep You Defeated

Do you have a plan to counterattack the strategies the enemy uses to keep you defeated? Don’t let Satan catch you off guard- You can defeat the enemy every time.

If you know anything about the military you know a unit would never dream of going to war without a battle plan. A battle plan is a strategy to exploit your enemies weaknesses and to maximize your strengths so you can win. If you don’t know anything about the military, perhaps you’ve never thought you needed a battle plan. You do because we all have a spiritual enemy, Satan, who has waged wars against you.

In Colossians 2:15 it states the Jesus has already defeated Satan for us but that doesn’t mean Satan isn’t going to use strategies to try and trick us into believing otherwise. His strategies are intended to keep us defeated and take everything that is rightfully ours.

Some Christians say: The enemy is already defeated, then lie down and take a whipping. If we have no responsibility to stand our ground against the enemy’s schemes then why did God tell us to resist the devil. He would have no need to give us authority over all the power of the enemy.

I suffered from depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. For 20 plus years. I thought it was just the way things we were meant to be. There was no way out of it, the medication the Doctors gave me just didn’t work or made things worse. I would take the medication as prescribed and end up in the hospital every few weeks for overdoses. How can you take medicine the doctors give to and be overdosed?

No medication and I suffered endlessly. It wasn’t until I began to fight with all my heart and soul that things started to change. If you want the enemy to leave you alone fight and never give up.

Satan uses his strategies to try and steal kill and destroy. Many of us take light of our opponent.

You need to have a battle plan so Satan won’t outsmart you become familiar with his evil schemes. The military calls this intelligence.

God has given us all the intelligence we need to keep Satan under our feet. Psalm 144:1 says that He trains our hands for war. He reveals the enemy’s strategies, and then tells us the plan of counterattack.

Don’t let Satan catch you off guard. Be prepared. Below are four strategies that Satan uses to keep you defeated and how to launch a counterattack and win.

1.) Satan Instills fear. (Timothy 1:7). Fear is Satans primary weapon. It’s a spiritual war that begins inside you, and it’s totally destructive because it robs you of your faith and peace. It keep your focus on circumstances instead of the promises in God’s word.

That’s why the Bible commands 110 times to fear not. healing for his daughterit’s why Jairo’s needed healing for his daughter and the circumstance didn’t look good. Jesus was quick to instruct him, “ don’t be afraid just have faith and he will be healed. (Luke 8:50). Jesus was warning Jairus of the greatest enemy to his greatest enemy to his daughter’s healing fear.

The enemy instills fear by challengingThe promises of God. A great example of this is found in Matthew 14 when Jesus invited Peter to come to Him on the water. But when Peter saw the strong wind and waves, he was terrified and began to sink. Save me, Lord he shouted.

What enable Peter to walk on the water? His faith in the word of Jesus. What caused Peter to sink? He saw the strong wind and waves that defeated him it was his fear of them.

The counterattack for fear.

Meditate on Gods word, this is how faith that drives out fear is developed. The word of God is the sword of the Spirit.

Speak the word of God. Use it to fight something every time he comes against you. Hold up your shield of faith and Quinn all his fiery darts. Speak words of faith and fear will depart.

Rebuke fear. Whenever you feel fear trying to come on you don’t stand it for a moment say fear I rebuke you in Jesus’s name now go.

Pray in the spirit. Whenever you tempted to be in fear, anxiety, or worry, begin immediately to pray in the spirit. It will edify your inner man and bring you peace that exceeds understanding.

2) The enemy liar and is the father of lies. (John 8:44)

One of the strategic schemes of the enemies is to lie to you every day. “Your stupid you’ll never amount to anything.” Do you ever have negative and discouraging thoughts that come out of nowhere? Sometimes They can be hard to recognize the enemies right because they sound like they could be true. However if you except him as truth or leave them even for a moment the ball onto Satan’s tactics giving him the upper hand.

The enemy knows your insecurities he plays on them. He knows the fears to fight you again and he tried his best to feed them by telling you guys. The question is: why does he like to you? What does he get out of it? The answer is this access to your life. He has come “to kill and steal and destroy” (John 10:10.) and if he can get you into wrong thinking wrong leaving wrong saying and wrong acting, the door to your life is wide open to him.

So if you have thoughts opposite of what God says- thoughts like your aren’t good enough to be healed, delivered, saved, prosperous, full of joy, full of peacem full of hope or powerful in the kingdom of God- know they are outright lies straight from the pit of hell.

No one can afford the “luxury” of entertaining the enemy’s,it’s. There is to much at stake. Your health, your family, your relationships, your money. Don’t let Satan become your counselor in the areas of life that matter the most. He is the Father of lies and our greatest enemy. And what’s trying to Destroy America right now.

Take every thought captive. Start lining up every thought with the words of God. It says in the Bible Gods sheep know His voice so when you hear something that is contrary to God’s word it’s speaking lies take those lies captive and throw them to the ground before they ever have a chance to take root.

Respond with the truth. You can’t fight back with box so it’s important to speak gods truth when the enemy lies. For example if Satan says “you are not smart enough to do that job,” you answer back oh yes I am Satan. For it is written that I have the mind of Christ.

3) going to meet temp you to sin. Let no one say when he is tempted I am tempted by God for God cannot be tempted by evil nor does he himself tempt anyone. -James 1:13.

God will never tempt you to do anything that is wrong. In fact He has given you every tool to resist Satan so will flee from you. Satan tempts you to sin and no one is exempt.

Has Satan ever tempted you?

Sometimes it’s obvious about it telling you to lie or human action immortality or another sin clearly defined as such in God’s word. But a lot of times, he’s sucker than that. For example, he may tempt you to think your holier than others or that your doing others a favor by judging and exposing people. You might even start thinking more about your own feelings, needs, and desires than those of others.

A few years ago I was at a worship and prayer meeting, my church had people visiting. Right before it was over I said something about the word of God in front of the group. This visitor said to me. You don’t have it right! I tried to tell him the scripture it was from. But he just walked away. I left feeling very angry, by the time I reached my home I was angry at the entire church, my pastor, his wife, and everyone that went there. It got to the point I was going to leave the church and find another, I live in a small community, so I was believing that everyone would here what happen, so I would have to stop completely. By the time the morning I was angrier than ever.

Then I stopped. I thought why would someone from out of town, come to my church and downgrade me in front of everyone. It didn’t make sense. I knew it was Satan trying to attack me. I began to pray and seek God’s answer. After about 3 day’s I was able to share this with a small prayer meeting I went to during the week, they were naturally shocked this would even happen.

The next Sunday I spoke to the pastor and his wife. The said it was a direct attack from the enemy. I few weeks later I shared what happened with the entire church.

In Matthew 4:11 Satan pulled out all the stops when a Jesus was in the wilderness. He tried to get Jesus to abandon the path of obedience and keep Him from what God had sent him to accomplish.

Is this what kinda of what happened to me. I decided then and there Satan was not going to stop me from accomplishing what God sent me to do.

From a troubled childhood, to depression and oppression, and having Cancer. Satan has tried to stop and destroy me. Why? I’m pretty sure I have a purpose here. I my not know how it will end. But I will be in God’s hands, no Satan’s.

The greatest danger in a believer’s life is to think you are above temptation. That when you’ve let your guard down, taken off your armor, and assumed your work is done. Remember Satan can sneak in the tiniest crack. Just when you least expect it he will strike. Be ready to fight.

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