Are You Double Minded?

Have you ever thought about being double mindedness looks like.

In James 1 says, But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavers is like a wave of the sea driven by the wind and tossed here and there. For let not the man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord.

A Double-Minded man is unstable in all his ways.


I often think we overlook the weight of this. I was shocked the first time I heard someone speaks of it. Even though I had read the Bible I missed that part.

Many of us have been or still are double-minded but fail to recognize it in ourselves.

Double-minded means one is wavering, uncertain, doubting. It is to have divided interest.

If you are double- minded you are unsteady, faithless and changeable in everything they say or do. You can get nothing from the Lord if you are.

If you are double-minded you can talk faith today and lack faith tomorrow. You can encourage others that God will help them but, regarding yourself, God never honors your requests. Such individuals often have a “but” ready when confronted with the truth of Scripture. Why is this?

The Double-minded are:

  • Led by there emotions/feelings
  • Led by their own understanding
  • Led by what they see
  • Led by the dictates of man/society

There can be a number of reasons causing one to be double-minded. Neglecting to assemble together with true believers. I believe another cause is lack of understanding. Being separated from the body is dangerous for a believer.

Most the time when someone mentions double- mindedness they just call it doubt: “if you doubt you are double- minded,” it is seldom explained just how subtle double-mindedness can be. It is something we all have to guard against no matter how long your a believer.

For example: Your mother-in-law is coming to town and emotions want your, weary in a perfect position for double-mindedness to creep in. Emotions are high, perhaps a little anxiety starts to set in and before we know it we’ve become soft in the head and loose at the lips and we say stupid things we will regret later. God is not to blame ever. I’ve heard people say that faith inGod doesn’t work. Letting emotions run away with your mouth cause us to be reckless with our words.

Is it not unreasonable speech for a man at midnight to say, it will never be day? It is unreasonable for a man in trouble to say, O Lord, I shall never get free; it will always be


Richard Sibbles

If we think of double-mindedness as a lack of real trust in God. Have you ever thought about the ways we cultivate double-mindedness?

Think about it you pray for a job you really wanted, you get the job and your happy and thankful for the job, but then you grow accustomed to it’s d suddenly the job isn’t so great anymore, there’s co-workers that don’t do their jobs, there’s frustration with the conditions. You can’t seethe blessing of having the job in the first place.

Think about those times we become impatient or worried things won’t ever work out. Do you just have faith and trust God, or do you just struggle with unbelief.

Think about how you deal with what God blessed you with. Do you give credit to God in your church circles just to treat your blessings like the are worthless when you think no one’s looking? Your being double-minded.

Even with God do you trust only with strings attached? I used to do this so much. “If you bless me playing bingo so I can win I’ll give you 20% of what I win.” Bad move, not only did I not win, but the conviction that comes after it was horrible.

I know people who have come close to losing their child from a incurable deceases. The Doctors said their child only has 3 weeks to live, they prayed and prayed to God, to save their child, the child made a turn for the better their child showing no signs of the decease. And two months later their partying it up with no mind of anything that happened. If that happened to me and my child I would be fully in debt to God.

God is trustworthy, wonderful and worthy to be praised.


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