The Gift Of Thoughts

While thoughts can be a gift, some thoughts are intrusive. And cause you to live in agony. I know first hand how miserable it is to suffer from anxiety. But I also know that when you turn toward anxiety and see it as a messenger delivering vital information from your inner world. It can help you heal and transform your life. You shift from hating anxiety and trying to make it go away to being able to turn toward it and learn from it. Then your healing on you.

If your struggle with intrusive thoughts you’re in a hell-realm of mental agony. A thought arrives, you hook it to that thought immediately and you’re in for the nightmare ride of your life time descending into the underworld of a type of panic that only a intrusive thought can inspire.

All of us get intrusive thoughts for You might have asked yourself: What if I’m gay? or would if I have a terminal illness? What if I don’t love my partner? The thoughts that come after that are the cycle.

When you understand this cycle, you can snap yourself out of it and easily start to put the fire out.

A cycle runs like this: An intrusive thought enters your mind. Would if I don’t love my husband anymore? You’ll feel a sense of panic and your upper stomach begins to roll, the tightness in your thought then a cold chill. You hook in immediately an try to find some answers. You obsess would if my husband is cheating on me I have to have proof. What if he doesn’t love ME anymore. You check his belongs so through all his stuff seeking reassurance. Talk with your spouse about it. Tell him how to feel and work on it.

When we indulge in the addiction to our intrusive thoughts. Trying to find reassurance for every thought that goes through you mind you are sunk. You dive deep into anxiety. It can take hours, days or even weeks to snap out of the cycle.

The essential piece of work to heal from your intrusive thought patterns is to learn to establish a new habit. When an intrusive thought enters your mind learn to disengage from it. You feed the when you urge yourself to find answers and reassurance,. You’ve give your ego-driven mind exactly what it wants, the belief that you can find the answer. You Usually find yourself in misery and pain because there is no answer.

Intrusive thoughts only point to unanswerable questions. We don’t have crystal balls to tell us the future. The loving parent, the part of you that can offer reassurance and comfort, needs to take over and step in at the point and and say something like it doesn’t matter. There are no definite answers. And move on with you life.

Your ego will be agitated like crazy, but you don’t have to sit in a pool of discomfort. You’re ego will always demand an answer and try and use every reason possible to convince you that to need to find certainty, when what you really need to focus on love a and attention. Give yourself the attention you need say s like “I’ll deal with later or that’s a ridiculous thought that doesn’t make sense at all.” Give your inner self some comfort that you will listen to.

Intrusive thoughts are thoughts with a symptom. Ask yourself what am I needing. Instead of thinking thought than run you into the ground. As for my husband I needed some love and some time with him.

Intrusive thoughts are the self’s attempt to get your attention. And with there focus on alarming topics, like health, love, they certainly get your attention. Once the thought had your attention you need to unhook from the thought and focus your mind on what you really need. Focus your attention of getting to know yourself and the way you need to go.

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