Four Emotional Types

Your emotional types is the filter through which you both see the world-the default setting of your personality to which you revert to especially when your under stress.

Emotional Type #1:

The Intellectual. You are bright, articulate, analytic, intellectually oriented, and often take refuge in your mind as the first line of coping.

Upside:Extremely logical, comfortable with fixing problems logically and intellectually, great debater, able to stay calm in emotionally heated situations.

Downside: Difficulty connecting with feeling-other’s and your own; you give the impression of being snobby, withholding, or cold; obsess about problems and sometimes you are too serious.

Finding the Balance: Spend more time in your physical/sensual self. Try breathing techniques, vigorous exercise, and practicing feeling other people’s emotion, empathize.

Emotional Type #2

The Empath. You are highly sensitive, naturally giving, spiritually attuned, and a good listener.

Upside: Gifted healer, helper, and friend; passionate and sensual; intuitive about other’s thoughts and feelings; emotionally responsive; in touch with your body and emotions.

Downside: Easily absorb other’s negativity; prone to anxiety, depression, and fatigue; easily feel confined when living with other’s; difficulty setting boundaries with draining people.

Finding the Balance: Use positive self-talk and logic to get grounded. Allow frequent quiet and meditation time. Learn to set clear limits and boundaries-say no, take space, walk away, and always protect yourself.

Emotional Type #3

The Rock: You are emotionally strong for yourself and other’s, practical, able to stay cool in crisis, your nonjudgmental.

Upside: Pillar of strength, consist and loyal, giving, respectful, and get along with nearly everyone.

Downside: Can be detached from feelings; harbor anger and frustration; relationships may lack depth; you don’t make waves or invite challenges and rather avoid conflict than confront it.

Finding the Balance: Practice activities that are spontaneous. Express a feeling a day. Initiate conversations that are emotional.

Emotional Type #4

The Gusher. You know your emotions and share them often, and are spontaneous, direct, and authentic.

Upside: Emotionally articulate, easily forgiving, make and keep supportive networks of friends, value intimate relationships, process hard issues easily.

Downside: You tend to eat drama king or queen, may turn friends into therapists, seek external feedback rather than relying on you own intuition, excessive need to share,

Finding the Balance: Practice activities the support and strengthen your self-sufficiency. Give yourself credit, learn to forgive yourself, and practice positive self-talk.

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