The Mountains Of Life

Sometimes the immensity of what stands before us takes our breath away as we often question our ability.

I’m not doing anything fantastic or extraordinary, I’m simply taking on a different and unknown path. This path can seem foreshadowing when I am unprepared and yet I know it’s part of life. The challenge and the allure keeps me going.

The fascination of the somewhat outlined idea of how life should be and still I know tomorrow I will wake up, put my feet on the ground, and start the day of expectation. Our life has a way of shifting gears so I have to hold that shift and the vigil and say thank you. It keeps me humble, grounded and rooted.

The pull of the other side seems intriguing. It may be dangerous but it is very much alive in me, and all of us I’m sure.

To be honest I let it all pour out of me. I don’t really care what others think and the mountain of massive proportions. It’s all about climbing my mountain. The transforming of my thoughts to purpose and strengthening the raw emotion.

I have climbed so many mountains in my life time. I’m good at just pushing through it and learning as I go.

We have become a society of drama queens and kings all fighting for the spotlight. All the world has become a stage and for what? We need to pay more attention to our core that is bigger that the theatrics we impose in our life.

There is always another mountain when we get to the other side of the one we’re climbing. We will always get better when we acquaint ourselves with it. But, we must be mindful because in acquaintance there is comfort and comfort can be scary.

To chase the highs and the lows is part of the life climb.

Struggling, stretching and reaching for something better is my scourgeand yet when I fall, it’s hard and I always forget that is part of the grand design. And down is just as important as up. The low only has one way to go and every step we take to better ourselves has its own time and place.

I repeat in my head, don’t forget what happened last time. But it’s always in the back of my mind “would if I make it to the top and too the other side. I try not to forget the blessings that stand on the other side. We must conquer the mundane and make it magnificent, purposeful and end up being another goal I wanted to achieve. It is a life of long pursuit gratitude and inner peace if we make it to the other side.

We all have to climb mountains in this life and fall. It’s all about passing the test of life.

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