Who Are You Really?

At eighteen we think we all know what’s best for us. Just out of high school and ready to take on the world.

Thinking we all have a plan for our lives. But sometimes we really don’t have a clue who we are, or even where we want to start.

At nineteen I was a drug addict, knowing that no-one else cared about me, why should I attitude. I worked a small job to help pay for my habit as I got into a bigger habit. I learned that beauty took me a long way.

I didn’t know how far this life would take me. But I knew I didn’t have to feel anything and I was happy. The two things I didn’t have growing up.

Four years later, I had met the love of my life and was getting married. While I slowed down on the drugs. It was still a part of my life. With a week to go to the wedding. I was in shock my life had taken me this far.

A month later I was having a baby. While I thought things were going way to fast. I had someone that actually loved me for who I was.

The first ten months were great.

After having my baby with an emergency c-section because I had developed pre-eclampsia. Waking up in the critical care center was not. I was in the most extreme pain I ever felt.

Getting home two weeks later I finally was able to see my daughter. I was an exciting time.

Moving into a normal life as a homemaker. Was the only life I ever wanted so I thought.

We bought a house, and the bills came rolling in. I was not ready to have all the responsibility that came with being happy.

Another child came fifteen months later and more responsibilities.

I had everything I thought I ever wanted. A great family, I husband to take care of me. Children to raise.

That’s when it all came crashing down like a ton of bricks. I began to get really sick. I was having severe depression and panic attacks. I couldn’t function at anything anymore. I couldn’t give my children the kind of life they deserved or my husband the love he needed.

The doctor’s had me on so much medication. I was barely am to take care of myself. As they kept giving me pills I kept getting larger and larger. I was a fat useless mother and wife.

With my husband beginning to cheat on me.

After twenty year’s had passed. I had decided something had to change. The kids being adults. I finally realized what a horrible life they had been through as well as my husband.

I found a doctor out of town. And things began to finally look up.realizing I didn’t know myself at all.

Who was I? What do I believe in? What was my purpose? What fills me with Joy.

The hardest part was knowing where to begin. While I knew I didn’t have to be on all the pills. I didn’t know where to start.

I had finally begun the process of truly understanding who I was meant to be.

If your starting the process of truly understanding who you are. Start here:

What or who would you be if you knew you could never fail?

The risk of failure terrifies most people. How many times have you wanted to change your life, or your job, or your environment. Think about it no risk of failure.

If you are 💯 percent sure that you be or do anything you wanted and not fail. Do you know the Answer?

If you were in a job interview, or meeting someone for the first time. How would you describe yourself so that person would truly understand who you are, and what is important to you?

What are your core personal values?

Personal values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live. They give you a reference for what is good, beneficial, important, useful, desirable, and constructive. Once you are able to determine exactly what values are most important to you, you can better determine your priorities.

In fact, having this information about yourself is the key to making sure your daily life is aligned with those values.

What makes you genuinely happy?

This is closely related to your core values, Will a job that involves tons of travel make you happy? Take it a step further and really condemn yours dreams you had when you were younger or currently have about what will truly make you happy.

If money were no object, how would you live your life differently?

Some people equate happinesses d success directly to the amount of money they have. How many times have to heard someone say, “If I won the lottery, I’d…”

But remember, this question isn’t really about money at all. It’s about thinking outside the box we tend to put on our aspirations and actions because things seem out of reach financially.

You may not be able to do those exact things, but once you know what you’re true desires are, you can expand your thinking and begin to develop a plan to work towards goals you never thought possible.

These are some tough questions and don’t come easy and you might find yourself rethinking them. And it is necessary in order to really understand yourself at a deeper level.

Allow yourself a quiet place and have plenty of time to think about each question and then go for it.

Choose direction, create new dreams or rediscover the dreams you have left behind.

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