Stuck In Survival Mode

When worry takes over your life.

When you can’t stop feeling worried or obsessed with what is threatening your stability in life, a stress response based on past traumas or recent ones.

With the world in its state it very hard to not let it take over our lives.

Survival mode is the term we are giving a pervasive sense of fear, stress and anxiety over issues that are not a real threat, though they are experienced on a daily basis in the form of vivid mental hypotheticals. If we listen to most media channels or even social media we can be frightened and have very vivid thoughts.

Survival mode is an overactive stress response that drives people to obsessively think about painful things: things past and things to come, endlessly analyzing and solving for “would if.” In the worst version of brain overdrive you can imagine. all the time . It’s a anxiety so powerful that it takes over your life.

This state can come in varying degrees Forming and horrible sense of panic to manageable but overwhelming worry. Regardless it’s always something that keep you outside of your life unable to truly engage in enjoy it as you see others doing. Space I want to do itRegardless it’s always something that keep you outside of your life unable to truly engage in enjoy it as you see others doing. Living in survival mode, you want to run but don’t know where. Nothing feel safe except checking out at your body so most in survival mode we end up drowning themselves in busyness or live and problems of other people. This is never healthy what’s the stainable for many reasons, the most dangerous of which being the lack of connection to self, and with that, a lack of self-care. This is a powerful issue that causes Many people a whole lot of pain.

The more long-term trauma happens to be, the more this behavior loops will be engrained into you mental memory. No matter how bad your trauma. You can absolutely help yourself, soothe yourself and move through this issue steadily but surely.

There are three parts to every what, why. Here are some ideas to make your own rules:

The What

Survival mode is like a cousin of PTSD in that it results from trauma (likely long term trauma) sometimes trauma that happen consistently for a short amount of time. It can also be from traumas that happened in a pattern so they created a sense of a new confirmed reality in you. Traumatic experiences change the way you define your world.

What do I mean about trauma? They’re experiences that evolve terror, extreme stress or an overwhelming panic that causes you adrenaline to spike far past what it might during a really exciting movie. They’re usually fear-inducing situations that don’t match the average of you life experiences in their level of severity. What’s most relevant level of your experiences reset your “normal” because your brain can’t make them make sense with the rest of your life, so it raises the range of expected events to include terror and evil and “run for your life.” Your brain with hurt for other comparable information so that you can put this to some order, if you’ve been through trauma, you might find yourself putting yourself in more dangerous situations. That’s a way that you feel “in control” of the intense fear- a way to create “normal” between all your emotions that accounts for the vast extremes. When you go through a trauma, your brain wants you to rearrange everything else to feel, comfortable with these truths- because otherwise, it’s intolerable. It cannot predict or protect you if you cannot make sense of the logic behind something. You cannot anticipate it-or align it with anything else.

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