Signs Your Soul Is Speaking To You

The soul is the truth of who we are-

Marianne Williamson

If we believe that our souls are the truth of who we are, it’s not surprising that so many people are having a hard time.

Everything in our society takes us away from the depth of ourselves. Our souls need to be fed in order to flourish and thrive but, the problem is too often we don’t fed it.

Many of us feel the urge of our soul. But ignore that urge. We need to listen to it and shed outdated ideas on what it means to feel whole inside. And we need to feel whole in order to be happy.

It is a challenging time when people are experiencing a darkness in their soul and the confusion that goes along with it.

Their some people that say our body needs to align with your soul. I think it’s the opposite-that your body should align with your soul. If we did everything that makes our soul happy we would be better off.

Awakening to your soul is not only normal but necessary for the evolution of your soul. Awakening should be a deep urge to discover the truth that lies behind your soul.

Our bodies do have a lot to do with our soul. To if feels like I’m being pulled between who I should be and who I’m meant to be. I’ve talked to others that say it feels like they’ve lost themselves in their roles to the point they don’t know who they are anymore.

If we would listen to the call of our soul. Then and only then can we move in the direction of thriving. If we don’t listen our emotional and physical health suffer.

Our soul is relentless and with go to exceedingly long lengths to get our attention.

Signs Your Soul Is Speaking To You

  • You are beginning to notice to realize that all the material things in the world isn’t going to fill that hole anymore.
  • You have this feeling the something needs to be expressed through you. That you need to seek something, but you don’t know what it is.
  • You realize the while the roles are important, you feel like their is just something more.
  • You desire meaningful relationships the feel real and true. You have the urge to be around self-minded people.
  • You notice that you value system is changing. And you need a whole new priority list.
  • You are curious and open to the idea of having a deeper connection to something greater than yourself.
  • You begin to realize that there are spiritual laws at work but you don’t know how to tap into them. You feel drawn to the unknown. Maybe to find the light in your soul.
  • You may have a urge to align with your inner soul. To find out what it about.

We all need an awareness and the understand the awakening of our souls. An awakened so leads to exciting new ideas.

To know your soul is a true freeing experience.

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