Overcoming Hopelessness

Hopefulness is a feeling that can be far more destructive than facing defeat and failure. When we are out there trying to accomplish our goals and we fail to achieve them, as long as we have hope, and faith that we will eventually reach our goals. We have to keep pressing on. We are going to feel hopeless, that when we are in danger of giving up.

One of the reasons why we fail to achieve our goal is obstacles. We feel like we will never get what we need or want in our life. Goals are hard, when there’s a change of failure that’s when we are pursuing something it’s worthwhile. As long as we believe it’s a worthwhile goal, we will have a chance.

Hopelessness usually comes when we have defeat after defeat. After we fail so many times, it can be easy to feel there’s no point in continuing. What’s the use if we’re going to fail again? We can sit around feeling sorry for our hopeless dreams or we can stand up and say. “What should I do now?” If we don’t achieve our goals the first or the 100th time we try. If we want to achieve our goals, then our approach must be about doing it until we make it. We accomplish our goals by not giving up. But, pressing forward.

Hopelessness is just another word for giving up or surrendering. We may ask ourselves “Why bother?”

Many of the greatest successes and accomplishments in life come after the point of being easy. It easy to be hopeful when everything is going good, and we’re accomplishing our goals. It when we meet our 10th or 30th one that our hopes start to get difficult. It’s during this time we must not lose hope because we are so close.

Being hopeful means having faith. Having faith means that we know things will turn out well even if there is no evidence that it will.

Hope is easy. Anyone can feel that way. It’s the people who keep going, who will never allow themselves to lose hope, and who achieve their goals and dreams in life.

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