When Does Faith Become Trust

There are people who claim to have faith and pray “Thy will be done,” do their beliefs probe to the depths of our souls. Will ours? When hard times come, will we worry and complain and lose out confidence in the Wisdom of God? Is a God really your rock? Your foundation.

It’s pretty easy to question God in this time of confusion during our lives today. The loss of control which we think we have anyway. Like we think we do. Especially as churches have locked their doors to the faithful. Our shelves become empty the grocery stores. Even the toilet paper hoarders that bought out the store’s supplies. Our minds almost naturally go to a level of forgetfulness, about one aspect or another of the unknown path stretching indefinitely out for us.

While crowds line up in grocery store lines and citizens load up on guns and ammo and self-isolate. We believe that we are working to protect our families and ourselves, but are we acting with Christian charity? Are we able to help others? Or are we putting ourselves first? Are we acting as followers of Christ? As my own “panic grocery shopping” outing, a cashier told me I was the nicest person he’s dealt with in days. I didn’t act out of the ordinary in any way. I just treated him with respect and common courtesy. Helping him bag my groceries because there was no bagger. Just simple things like telling him may God bless him seemed to brighten his day. I chose to bless him with my with my actions and my words. A simple thing everyone could do, if they wanted to.

As we are forced to slow down during this time and spend more time at home. This time offers us the potential to experience the closeness with Father God. Even though this time might leads us to deal with a lose of a loved on or our own death that have chronic illness that put us a risk. I joked around with my family and friends saying what’s the worst thing could happen “I could die” or is it “actually the best.” I still hold a reasonable awareness that when my time has come nothing can stop it from happening. I have a deep developed faith, and that is where I find my peace.

If you’ve read the Bible then you know how this world is going to end. But in the meantime God our Father will send us the endurance and grace we need in our time of need.

When Jesus died for us, the Bible tells us He sweat blood. Nonetheless, He accepted the ultimate wisdom of His Father’s Will, and acted in obedience and tremendous love, whatever the cost. He showed us how to live and die.

What we hold back from following God, we miss out on the greatest gifts. Our faith becomes empty (as empty as the shelves at the grocery store.) As we strive to make necessary preparations for the months ahead, we must turn to a God’s Word and become faithful to our church and our community. To act out what our Faith as a child of God should.

It’s time we start thinking of other more than ourselves that faith and love unite us. Unity can form a basis of trust. Which is the instrument of certitude and dependence that will carry us through these troubling times. Don’t let these times of penance be wasted in fear. Remember Our lives are in God’s hands.

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