Things I Learned From My Military Father

I began thinking of this a few days ago, after I went to my Father’s Grave Stone.

The first 18 years my life my household was under military rule. My Father was a Bridgman (BSG) retired. Having been shot in the arm his. And later in the face. I was a man living in pain. We still ruled the house the Marine way. When we got up in the morning. The first thing I did was make my bed. Go get breakfast most the time for me it was one of those Carnation breakfast essentials drinks. When my Dad come home for lunch their was no speaking to him until after he had eaten.

I knew from a early age if I stepped out of line, I would be punished. And my mother was the one who did the punishing before my Father knew anything about it. Sometimes I think my mothers was harsher on me, than my Father would of been.

There was no disrespecting my elders, I would be severely punished if I did. I had to respect my elders even if the did the unthinkable.

My Father taught me there was use crying over spilled milk, or anything else. If I cried, I had to do it where I couldn’t be seen or heard. I learned from my Father was the being upset, apart from being, apart from being intolerable, was a huge waste of time. His attitude helped me to realize that instead of crying, you should change what you don’t like, and just let go of what you can’t fix.

Which in turn meant for me, if I didn’t want to be hurt by me mother. Try and stay out of her way.

Never Stop Working Hard

My Father taught me to be work hard whether it was at school, or at a job. Alway strive to be a better person no matter what it was.

Life Is Never Fair

Deal with it. This I became aware of when my mother was hitting me and putting away where I couldn’t be seen or heard. Not everything in life is even just or fair. Sometimes the scales tipped in your direction, sometimes they favor other people. My father was never one to ponder to the whims of a outraged preschooler. He would say a few comforting works like “tomorrow will be better.” And that would be the end of it. It taught me not to be bitter when things didn’t go my way.

Sometimes You Have To Act Older Than You Are.

I learned from a early age to suck up the pain and move on, no matter what. My the time I was 6 or 7 I knew I needed to know how to do every thing my myself. I couldn’t count on anyone else to help me. If I wanted something done I had to myself. Parts of my childhood were missed. I had to be an adult in a child’s body. I learned to stay out of my mothers way, there were times I couldn’t, but life went on.

My father taught me how to be dependent on myself and no one else. Not even my mother. I knew that I couldn’t trust my mother. Everything I said or did even if it was good, would be punished and scrutinize. Now I am grateful for how independent I have become.

You have To Be Smart With Money

As a Father of 5 in the 1950’s he had to be smart with money. To make sure we had food on the table and shoes on our feet. And a mortgage payment.Even if that meant having us wear hand sewed clothes. Be smart with your money, because you never know how life’s going to turn out. I had twenty years after I left the house, I admit I was horrible with money. The only thing that saved me was a Father that loved me, and a husband that was a marine and had the same value system.

Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity That comes a Your Way

Even though I was taught not to ask help from anyone even if you were taught to take advantage of opportunities. It sounds like a oxymoron. There is opportunity out there. Take that opportunity and go at it full force without help. It will show strength.

People Suck

This may seem pessimistic, but my Father taught me that sometimes, the biggest source of misery in your life will be other people. Sometimes they’re mean, sometimes they’re boring, sometimes they break your heart. Even the best people sometimes suck. I thought my mother the one who was supposed to care for me and love me sucked. And even my Father sometimes.

The many trials I’ve been through in my life. I am grateful that my Father taught me to always keep pushing back and never give up no matter what. He is one of the reasons I am who I am in Life today. With God and my Father I know I can always make it to where I’m going.

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