I’m going to share with you something that happened to me. I usually don’t share things like this. Because someone might thing I’m crazy. But, this was so intense for me. I had to share.

Last Night I was at a Prayer Worship Summit. At a church I never go to. There was musicians there, I’d never heard.

As the band began to play and the singer began to sing. The room went dark. We were singing Praise the Lord Over and over. I began to see the entire room go from dark to completely white and a bright light brighter than the sun.

Their was a massive amount of people bowing to this intensely bright figure. He has white and light. That’s all I seen.

Then I heard a voice, but it was as if nothing was said I heard it in my soul. God said: I’m rolling up my sleeves for you. I’m sending my strength to you to stop the darkness in the world.

A great peace came over me. I couldn’t remember walking up front. But I remember repeating what had just happened.

When I returned home, I was praying and asking God what am I supposed to do to with the information I had witnessed.

He have me two scriptures:

The people who are living in spiritual darkness have seen a great light, and those who were living in the land and shadow of spiritual and moral death upon a light has dawned. (Matthew 4:16).

God has rolled up his sleeves, all the nation’s can see His Holy Muscled Arm. Every one from one end to the other, will see Him at work doing His salvation. (Isaiah: 52:10-12).

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