There are only two paths in life. The one you take, and the one you don’t take.

If you take a path, you probably get closer to your destination.

If you don’t, you’re still stuck in the same place. Movement and status quo both work. Depending on your life vision.

What doesn’t work- is being in between, sitting on the fence.

Most of life is spent on the crossroads, the path of indecision-thin ability to choose a path and follow it.

Many think the path will choose them. But, in fact you choose the path… Consciously.

Sometimes, many paths in one lifetime. Some paths may show you hill top views and others tsunami-hit villages. Some dark forests with untamed animals. Some bridges with sunsets on the horizon.

But only when you walk the path, will you know the path. And only when you know the path, will you know where it takes you.

Don’t hesitate to choose a path, don’t think too much, just walk. As you walk, you will know that you are guided.

Guided to your destination, guided homework. For every homecoming, and every homecoming is a celebration. A celebration of who you are.

A Celebration of all you could be!